Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Addison's 4th Birthday

 Addison turned 4 on December 7th!
She started her morning off with a traditional birthday candle breakfast.

And then it was time for presents!!!
Which, I'm not sure if you can tell, or not, but I think she loved just about everything!

 She made a quick wardrobe change so that she could sport at many of her new birthday gifts as possible to school that day...

It was her week to bring treats to school so we made Rice Krispie/Fruity Pebbles Treats with Rolled Buttercream & Gumdrops!
 Meanwhile, Mommy was working round the clock to make a super duper My Little Pony Topsy Turvy cake for her big birthday party on Friday... here is the final product!
 Her party was at the Wacky Bear Factory, which is similar to the Build-A-Bear Factories you may be more familiar with. 

As her friends arrived, they got to choose an animal 'friend' to stuff!

 They stuffed, their animals until they were just the right thickness for hugging..
 Then they went on to the bathing and combing station...
 Kristina Attwood & Grace being entertained by Nick.. he had her giggling to hard!
 Tyler was keeping himself entertained...

Daddy was part of the 'Cake Protection Agency' during the party as there were lots of fingers and hands around the cake...
 The candles were lit....
 They all sang Happy Birthday...

The candles blown out...

And if lots of cake and frosting wasn't enough sugar to send the kids home with.. they all got to fill a staw full of Pucker Powder!

Which apparently makes your tongue look like this!

It was a fun filled, blue tongue kinda day!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

So Many Leaves.... So Little Time

Yesterday Nick rounded up the kiddos and had them do some hard labor out in the back yard to attempt to clean up all the leaves.

 Addison thought she had the best job in the world with her headset and leaf sucker strapped to her shoulder!

You can really see McKenzie's enthusiasm amongst all the beautiful leaves!

Trevor had a turn as well....
It got dark before all the leaves were disposed of, so I'm thinking there may be more work to do today!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Squadron Christmas Party 2011

Tonight was our annual squadron Christmas party!  We started off with a plate of food for everyone.. including my little moose/reindeer on the end there (he hardly ever takes that hat off, and I love it)
 McKenzie helped me at our ornament/Christmas card table for a while! :)
 We were sharing a table with the Mrs. Claus clown, so the kids were first in line for the flying frog balloon...
 ... fat little gingerbread ballon, and a flying blind mouse balloon!
 And what's a Christmas Party without a little "Lady Gaga" face paint?!
...and a pirate
...and a snowman!
 The kids could NOT get enough of the mini ferris wheel. Nick said Tyler had a death grip on the sides, but refused to get out, so they just kept riding and riding until more kids showed up for their turn!

Santa arrives in style to OUR Christmas Parties.... on a CH-46!
 It kicked up so much dirt and got so windy, the kids had to hide their eyes and poor Tyler literally shook with fear, the closer the helicopter got to the 'watching' area! Then Santa and his elves came out the back with all kinds of goodies to share with the kids!

 Of course, McKenzie was 'too old' to sit on Santa's lap... but I'm glad the others were okay with it!
 Trevor asked to climb the rock wall... and so he did! He was so proud of himself!
(He's the one on the far right outside)

 He said going back down was fun... but a little scary!

The popping you hear in the background would be the bubble wrap hopping station! 

As always, it was a great time! The kids loaded up on sugar, ran it off in the bounce house and bounce slide...then crashed when we got home!