Sunday, November 30, 2008

Weekend Warrior - McKenzie's Bathroom

Well, it's been a long road, and with a few delays, we finally got McKenzie's bathroom (almost) done! Friday, Nick finished the drywall, and I made him mud & tape.
Yesterday, Nick sanded it down, and we all took turns painting and watching Addison. Then today, we put up the finishing touches, wall decor, shelves, and cleanup!

At first, Nick hated the "Sea Breeze" blue I picked out, but once everything got up on the wall, it helped break it up a lot and now he admits, it's growing on him. I love it!

We just have to do a little painting on the trim, and we can check this off our list!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trevor's Theme Song "TNT"

This video was taken on the way to the waterpark today. I was sitting in front of him, and had the camera placed between the seat and the headrest... he had no idea I was recording him. He loves this song! You can tell, he really gets into it!

Don't you just love his version of the air guitar!

Waterpark Birthday Fun

For McKenzie's 11th Birthday, she got to take a couple friends from school to the waterpark.
We spent the entire day there and then came home for cake:
Here is a look back at our day....

Addison is all sunscreened up, hair and all....ready to go!
Daddy and Addi ready to go dip their toes in the pool.

McKenzie and her friends Tiani & Kaili
This was a rare moment. We let them loose in the waterpark and only saw them when they were hungry, thirsty, or happened to be around the same ride.
A few friends of ours also met us over there.
Zach & Lesley Rashman
Julie Svatek
Drew & Alaina Ladner
Alaina's sister Anna & husband Jeffrey

Addison held out as long as she could, and finally fell asleep in the early afternoon while Julie held her.
Below are us girls getting ready to race down the water slide.

My mat got stuck at the beginning, so you can't really see me in the far left lane behind Julie, then there is Alaina and Anna.
Ahhh, finally finished!
The boys going down the waterslide

And here are the girls carrying up our 4 women tube for the TORNADO!
Me, Anna, Alaina & Julie
And here we go...

And here are the boys...
Nick Drew Jeffrey & Zach
(we learned later that there is supposed to be a 700# limit...oops!)

Great expressions from Lesley, Julie & Anna on the Tornado
A few of us brave souls rode on the Shaka, and YES, I said "us" because little chicken Kim overcame her fears and in a moment of weakness, gave in and blurted out "I'll ride it with you Anna!"

Here is Nick & Anna (Alaina's sister) on the Shaka

Nick & Julie
(you can hear Addison say "Daddy" twice in the background)

Me & Anna on the Shaka.
No one told Julie that the camera was in video mode, and so, thinking she was taking pictures, you only get a blip of my brave ground breaking experience! Which is probably good, because I did a whole lot of screaming, and because of that, Addison started crying on the side watching us. Poor baby!

Nick (left) & Drew (right) braving the Cliffhanger.
Notice Nick is a little slow in getting up...

After taking the picture of McKenzie and her friends, Trevor said, "Mommy, take my picture!" So I told him, go stand over there, he did...when I looked up, there he was, all ready for his picture: (no prompting at all)

Addison and Trevor drying out and eating Cheetos!
As you can see, naked Addi is VERY excited to be snacking on Cheetos!
Here lies Andrew & Alaina Ladner
This is what happens when you have too much fun at the waterpark:

"Addison, it's time to leave!"

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

For Thanksgiving this year, the Turner Family traveled to the western coast of Oahu. We gathered at the home of the Ladner's in Waianae along with several other friends in the squadron. It was a beautiful day and even though we couldn't be with our families on this holiday, it was the next best thing being able to spend it with out "Ugly" family.
Addison got to wear a new outfit that had been hanging in her closet for months....and she kept the matching headband on for a little while....until she remembered it was still there. Then off it went. I don't know what it was, but she was a walking maching all day long! It must have been the soft carpet!! :)
After dinner the girls and I snapped a quick photo. Nick was playing poker with the boys, and Trevor was somewhere in the house playing with Little Andrew.
Addison played with her buddy Wyatt and they were even gave each other kisses...we are going to have to watch these two!
Trevor and Andrew managed to steal some extra poker chips and send them down the shop vac attachment. Hours of fun! These two were inseperable all day long!
Alaina and Drew put on a great feast! There was so much food, that Alaina was urging us all to take leftovers home, and I did! I refused to leave without any of her grandad's cornbread dressing! YUM! There was so much food, I didn't even get to try it all!

I am thankful we were able to spend today with our friends! Thank you Drew & Alaina!

Tomorrow will be another fun day! We are headed to the waterpark for McKenzie's birthday party!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Worn out already...

Turner's Pet-Sitting Service

Today we said goodbye to our little fluffy friend "Rainbow". I literally pulled into the house behind Major Payton who came to pick up the rabbit....and in the back of my sexy van, was another furry friend we are watching for a little while...
Meet "Zeke", short for "Izekial Mufasa", or "Duke," as Trevor calls him since he can't remember his name.

Zeke belongs to a Marine in the squadron. We will have Zeke for about a week. The kids are so super excited! So is Molly. Trevor ran around with him all day long when we went to BBQ on Veteran's Day.

He's a young boxer, and full of energy, so he and Molly will make a great pair...thank goodness she's fixed!
As soon as we let them out back, they have been playing and chasing ever since.

Wilson Auction Groupies

Trevor and Addison were playing this afternoon when he put a Wilson Auction hat on her. Surprisingly, she didn't rip it off her head. Instead, she left it on, and walked several steps on her own! If she'd only keep the cute little girly hats on her when I put them there!

I grabbed the camera as she was unsteadily walking at me.
McKenzie then went to get the rest of our we had a quick photo op! Too bad I couldn't get all 3 of my children to look at the camera at the same time!

Hi Grandpa!

Friday, November 21, 2008

McKenzie's Last Volleyball Game

McKenzie had her last 2 volleyball games today. She did really great! She just needs to work on controlling her superpowers. A few times she hit the ball and it shot clear up the the gym ceiling! The crowd went: Whoooooaaaaaa!
The gym was sort of dark, so the pics turned out a little grainy.

Let me apologize for this video. You'll need to cock your head to the side for the first 2 serves, until I remember that I can't rotate the video on the blog, and turned the camera the right way.

Trevor is always so good about keeping Addi entertained. Below, she was grabbing and squeezing his hand while she watched the game.

McKenzie was in charge of post game snacks, so I made some volleyball cookies with the leftover dough from the "M" cookies. We also did chips and McDonald hamburgers.....Mmmmmm. The lady at the drive thru had to ask me to repeat my order when I said " I'd like 12 hamburgers please".

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Addison's Room

Addison is now in her own room/office. Nick was gracious enough to move a couple things around to make room for a crib and small dresser.

Addison has been sleeping upstairs in our bedroom. She is such a light sleeper! She goes to bed between 6 and 7 at night, so when Nick and I head to bed later in the evening....the slightest crack of the ankle coming up the stairs would wake her up!

Plus, now that Addison has been sleeping through the night since Nick came home, I don't have to get up with her to rock her back to sleep.

Nick and Trevor painted up the unfinished painting....
Trevor painted his name with the paintbrush, then Nick rolled over it...

And here is the finished product, with a very happy post nap Addi!