Thursday, August 2, 2012

Road Trip to Iowa

 Our friends let us borrow their RV once again (its the same one we took to Florida last spring).
Nick finished up at work, and we loaded her up and headed West!

All day while I got our stuff ready and placed by the door, Lilly hung out by the door just so I wouldn't forget to bring her along with us... she knew we were leaving... and she was NOT about to be left behind!!!

This was about 1 hour in to our 16 hour drive... thank goodness for movies!

Nick found comfort in Addi's  pink Disney princess pillow to keep the driver's seat comfortable. This is exactly why I can never sleep when Nick drives because I was afraid he would get TOO comfortable.
 Tyler hanging out on the cooler temporarily... heels in the cup holders for safety!
 Then back at their positions later on in the trip...

Post nap face...

Trevor napping.

Addison entertaining herself with an iPhone....
 ...and taking pictures like this for us to find later...
We camped out in a Wal-Mart parking lot in Ohio and trucked on the next day..
finally crossing the Iowa border! YAY!
 Wait... what's that smell??? ... Cows a.k.a. Iowa!
 Captain underpants keeping the RV in check while Dad fills 'er up with fuel!

We made an overnight stop at my mom and dad's to pick up McKenzie.  And how could we NOT take a nice cool dip in the pool with the nephews!!! Doesn't Carson look thrilled!