Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy 7th Birthday Trevor

I can't believe my little man is 7!
 I made full size donut muffins for his birthday breakfast!
 And then he could hardly wait to open his gifts!
 He looks pretty thrilled I think!
Happy 7th Birthday to my sweet precious Trevor! Love you buddy!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A week at Grandma & Grandpa "Bob's"

The majority of our week at my parents was spent in the pool! 

Trevor discovered his thrill of being thrown in the air to do flips...
 While Tyler watched and thought "No way am I doing THAT!"

 Addison thought she might give it a try..... but jumping from the edge....
 More of Trevor....
 Someone felt pretty special in his water wings...
Tyler isn't always the best morning person...
I uh.. think you got a little somethin' on your face there buddy...
Grandpa with his grandsons... wearing their fishing hats he got for them!
"Grandpa's Little Fishing Buddy"
 And 2 of his 3 granddaughters with their Cabela's fishing hats on...
Trevor LOVED shucking corn with Grandma so we could freeze some delicious sweet corn to enjoy all year round!
And if you know Nick, he doesn't sit still, so he helped with some To-Do's around the farm.
 He had excellent helpers...
 And then more swimming...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Iowa State Fair

We lucked out and happened to be home during the greatest state fair of them all.... The Iowa State Fair!

Nick and the kids and I loaded up on opening day and headed down to Des Moines for a day of fun!


 Oh.. Addison
 Our first stop was the petting zoo..

 Then we headed to the exhibit hall to check out all the 'free' stuff!  Ha Ha

Addison giving Clifford a HIGH FIVE!

As you can see, Tyler wanted NOTHING to do with Clifford!

We took the kids on "Ye Ol' Mill" ride... no one was a big fan of the super dark boat ride... oh well.

We took a quick pass by the Famous BUTTER COW!
 There were several little cows all over the fair grounds painted up in different themes.... this one caught my eye so I had to take a picture of it!

Addison, Daddy & Trevor rode over top of my and Tyler on the sky lift.... i had to keep hollering up to them "Sit back!"  "Don't lean forward!" "Hang on!"  whoo that was nerve wracking!

Let's play a little game called, Where's Mommy & Tyler?
**If you look down at the medical building.. and see a little concrete block in the grass in front of that just to the right.... there we are! Waiting for them to pass over us!

Trevor took a few passes on the big slide...

The kids convinced Daddy to let them go on the pony ride...

 Mommy had to chase after Tyler's pony to keep up!

 Trevor even ASKED if he could do this ride...
In fact, there was hardly anyone wanting to go on this ride, so they let Trevor bounce a really long time... he had to ask if he could stop after a while. Poor guy was exhausted!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oh Baby!

Since we were back in town, we thought it would be the perfect time to throw my little sis a baby shower! She is due Sept. 22 with a little boy!

Cupcakes I made for the shower...
 My sister Angela, my Mom, My sister Meridith, McKenzie & yours truly!
 All the lovely ladies who helped make the shower a beautiful day for my sister!
 My sister opening gifts... oh! and my cute new shoe(s)!  :)
 Love this photo of my mom and McKenzie!
My sister got a lot of really great gifts for her new little guy who I can't wait to meet at the end of September!!!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Week on Turner Mountain

 Grandma Turner was prepared for the kids in this heat! She had a pool, a slip n' slide, trikes, and more! There was no reason for the kids to be bored while at Grandma and Grandpa's!
 It was so hot, the kids were going through the Gatorade as fast as the guys working on the helicopter!

 It didn't take long for Tyler to figure out the big boy trike!
 He was cruising through the grass AND gravel with ease! His poor feet couldn't reach the pedals but he figured out how to move "Flintstone" style!
Nick and his brothers and a few other wonderful gentlemen gathered this week to work on Nick's Dad's helicopter!  It hadn't flown in a couple years and they wanted to get it back to flying mode so they can sell it. 

 Larry made an excellent supervisor!

You can't beat the view from Turner Mountain!

And a trip to Turner Mountain isn't complete without a ride on "Penelope" with Daddy!
After a few days of fixing up the helicopter, she was ready for a test flight!
 We watched the guys put the blades on...
 One by one...

Nick and Larry climbed up in the cockpit for one last ride....
 Up she goes!

 Successful week!