Friday, October 31, 2008

Addi in the Johnny Jumper

This video is a week old or so, and I am just now getting it posted. I put up the jumper in the only place possible in our house....the patio door. Of course there is a 6 inch step out onto the lanai, but it turned out to be a fun challenge for Addison. I think she enjoyed it!

I also need to mention that Addison sprouted her 6th tooth the other day! 4 on top, 2 on the bottom. She has quite a mouth full now! Thank goodness we are officially done nursing!

We went to supper Tuesday night at Sherree's house along with my friend Kristina, since our husbands are MIA. Addison took 4 steps when I stood her up to show them all she could take a couple steps! Yay Addison!

Citizen of the Month at Puohala

Well folks, she's done it again! McKenzie received Citizen of the Month on Wednesday! She's managed to get it every year so far! We are so proud!She was presented a certificate and dog tag on Wednesday morning at their POPS Assembly. Where was I? Well, I had to drop Trevor off just before 8am and then rush over to the school to make it to the 8am assembly. Of course, luck would have it that the traffic was strangely backed up on my way to the pre-school, and when I finally got to McKenzie's school at 8:10, all the kids were filing OUT of the cafeteria back to their classrooms. I was crushed. (*tear)

Community Helper Parade at Pre-school

Trevor's pre-school had a Community Helper Parade yesterday. The kids all dressed up as community helpers, and of course, Trevor was a Marine Helicopter Pilot (last year's Halloween Costume)

They sang a song and then walked around the courtyard for the parade of community helpers. It was really cute. The song is too big to download on here, but I'm working on that. It is too cute and I really want you to see it!
Trevor the Pilot
"Hudson (not Tito) the builder"
And this....(drum roll please) is the ever so famous Tumble Bus that Trevor gets to play on every Thursday! It comes to the school and is filled with tumbling equipment! Trevor looks forward to it every week! It was there so I had to snap a picture of it quick....but I didn't get to peek inside to see what it looked like!
I'm working on the video so stay tuned...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Birthday Bash!

We went to the Trammell's today for the big double birthday bash! It was so much fun! Thank goodness the rain let up and the clouds blew away just as the party started. The kids were able to bounce in the bouncy house all afternoon.

There were a lot of kids there, and I had to laugh when Hannah and Addison had all these little toys all over them, and yet, they chose to play with the big tractor (in their dresses)!

Country girls at heart!Hudson got lots of dinosaur toys and books, to match his Dinosaur theme.And, not only did he eat his special number 4 cake, but he also had a special request to eat the dinosaurs head from the big cake! So, the birthday boy got both!!! But I think the head lucked out by the time he was done with #4 and it got saved for later.Hannah wore her special 1st birthday crown without a worry in the world. She didn't even try to take it off! Isn't she pretty in pink!?
Then it was her cake time! She walked right over to her mommy and dug right in....
She grabbed a handful of icing, and then just licked her little hand until it was all gone! It was so cute!
She made just a tiny mess, but hey, it's her birthday....she can do what she pleases!
The kids had a great time and they were so exhausted by the time we got home! I think we ALL will sleep like rocks tonight!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Catch Up

Yesterday was a very dark and gloomy rainy day! (With lots of explaining to Trevor that it won't rain forever, even though it pretty much didn't stop all day...which did not help things)

Trevor's pre-school is at a church in Kaneohe, and they were having a Harvest Festival Saturday, which I had planned on going to....due to the rain, we stayed home.

There was also a Halloween Party at the Border's Book Store at the mall that afternoon, but since Trevor's costume is still one large piece of fabric, and Kenzie doesn't have straps to hold her dress up yet....we didn't go to that either. You'd think a rainy day would be perfect for finishing up Halloween costumes, but I had other things to bake a couple birthday cakes!

Today looks like it might be a little better. Which is good, because we have a double birthday party to go to at 1:00! Hudson and Hannah are sharing a party today.

McKenzie brought home her school pictures Friday! I scanned one quick so you can get a peek!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Playgroup At Wyatt's - The Pool Party

This morning's playgroup was at Wyatt's house. Kristina set up the pool for the little ones and it was so much fun.

We thought naked butts would be cute for our group photo, so here are the results from that attempt. Surprisingly, they all loved being naked in the pool. We only had one little boy tinkle in the water. But thats better than doing #2!

Richie ~ Addison ~ John ~ Wyatt
The sun was nice and warm!

Addison & Richie

John ~ Addison ~ Richie ~ Wyatt
Addison wasn't too happy about getting splashed in the face, but the boys just couldn't resist splashing like crazy!

Wyatt & Addison


Addison and I had to leave a little early to pick up Trevor from pre-school, but we had a great time!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Our week so far...

This week has been pretty uneventful so far. Monday I went to the commissary with Addison and Trevor...we were so out of food! I was struggling to get my overflowing cart through the last isle before checking out! I wonder what people think when they see a cart so full?! I know what I think...

Our little house guest has made herself at home. Chaquita, or Cachita, as she is called here, is such a good little girl. She sits up on the couch just hanging out and naps most of the time. In the evenings, however...
She and Molly get after it! They chase each other all over the house, barking and snarling, and really having a good time!

The other night I was in the kitchen trying to cook supper, when the two came barreling into the kitchen. Molly was getting awful rough and they began nipping at each other, so Chaquita took cover between my feet. Well, that didn't stop Molly, so they were running circles around my feet, dodging between then, slamming into them and barking. I had to stop what I was doing so I wouldn't trip and hurt them.

This morning, I traded Sherree a child for a child. She dropped off Hannah so she could go to an appointment, and in return, she took Trevor to pre-school with Hudson on her way. The girls are really getting to be lots of fun when they are together. They are watching each other move and are little copy cats.

Here, Hannah walked right up to the toy basket, swung her legs over and hopped right in. I could just see the expression on Addison's face. She was thinking, "hmmm, how did she do that, I wonder if I can?!" And sure enough, Addison pulled herself up to the basket and attempted to get her leg up. Poor dear was too short, and not quite agile enough to get her chunky little legs over. It was cute to watch though...
They both made their way over to the front door where they simultaneously discovered the art of pounding. The gaurd on the door was quite an intrument to them! Below is a picture of them when I had to tell them to stop pounding so hard!!! Hey, it got their attention!

Trevor has picked up some new phrases at school, I think. Today, he said to me "No way, Mom, that's amazing!" It just sounded funny coming from my little 4 year old! He also says "Yes, man" when he really means "Yes, Ma'am". Oh well. At least he uses it at the appropriate time!

This afternoon, he got himself in a bit of trouble. As you can see below, he got a little carried away with the marker. He was so proud of himself. I was not happy, but of course, had to get a shot for Daddy, who, as I'm sure you can imagine, was a bit shy of being happy about this event. Again, just to verify, this is green marker, not makeup! Now, not only did he color on his own face, but shortly after, I discovered he took the marker to the couch, and not just one couch, both couches.....oh yes, and also the new chair! (breath...relax) Luckily, the marker streaks are coming out. I still need to work on the chair a little more tonight. Needless to say, this got Trevor a quick trip to nappytime!

The following video is not for those who can't stand the sound of fingernails on the chalkboard, or, teeth grinding... Consider yourself warned! Watch her hands and face get all clenched is so awful!!!!

Addison has learned to GRIND HER TEETH! Ugh! Just typing that out gives me shivers up my spine! Last night I think she was grinding them so hard, that she chipped a little off her front tooth. Luckily it wasn't anything like Dumb and Dumber, but it still worried me! And telling her to stop only makes her do it more!

She is also getting so brave about letting go of the furniture and attempting to walk. I think it will be happening very soon!

As for my dear McKenzie, I got a call from her teacher today....don't worry, she wasn't in trouble! Her teacher called to tell me she had chosen her to be CITIZEN OF THE MONTH! McKenzie was so upset when I told her the 'good' news. Upset? Well, McKenzie isn't much for getting up in front of everyone. They have monthly assemblies and they get announced and have to stand up on stage in front of the whole school with their certificate. Poor McKenzie will be stressing about this until the moment it is over!

Whew, for a post I thought was going to be pretty uneventful, turned out to be a bit lengthy! So...I'm out!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Post Pumpkin Patch - Our First Steps on Video!!!!!

After the pumpkin patch we came back home to unwind. Hannah (now 1 year!) is just walking all over the place! Farther and farther each time! And, to my shock... I caught Addison (now 10 1/2 months) taking her first step(s)! She has taken one step just a couple times in the last day, but not as good as , or independantly as what I caught on tape here! Eeeeek! I was so excited!

Here is Hannah's first deput walking on video!

Here is Addison the other day playing with her push toy!

Aloun Farms Pumpkin Patch

Sherree and I decided to take the kids to the pumpkin patch Sunday afternoon. It was a little rainy on our side, but it is almost always sunny on the west side, so we chanced it and headed over to the other side after lunch.

They had a great set up with lots of piles of pumpkins and props set up to take pictures of your own little 'pumpkins'! It was definitely interesting trying to get all 5 to take a nice picture. Not all of them were cooperative at the same time...if at all!

But boy did the girls love being down on the ground around all the pumpkins! (In their matching dresses and hair clips that I made for them!)

While waiting in line for the hay ride, the lady behind us thought the girls looked so cute in their matching dresses, that she insisted on taking our picture!

Here are the kids on the hay rack! We were packed in like sardines!

Once they dropped us off, it was a race to find the perfect pumpkin! Oh, and pee behind the tallest weed we could find...boys! (Why is it that they always have to pee in the most inconvenient times!?!)

Addison loved the pumpkins!

Hannah & Addison

So by this time, the kids had been roaming the patch for a while and Trevor was getting itchy, so he was standing behind me pouting. I guess he was not in the mood for a photo session!

And then....Mom convinced him that once he took a picture, we would get back on the hay rack and head back to the car! But I forgot to add the bit about smiling in our deal!

Sorry, Trevor, just one more picture with all of us!

Here is Trevor after walking through the pumpkin fields...itchy, and waiting for the hay rack with his none other guessed it, the RAIN! He was NOT happy!

Here it is!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Train Ride and A Swing

Trevor went on a field trip to Ewa to ride on the train. He had to be at school early and didn't get back until after lunch. Usually I pick him up around 11:30. He was so excited to ride the bus again, and then really excited to ride a train...but, not near as excited as he was to be able to bring a sack lunch!
Addison woke up this morning with her brother's cold which consisted of a very runny and stuffy nose, and an occasional cough. And of course, like most little ones, screams and puts up a fight when I try to wipe her little sniffer.

It's a beautiful day here, thank goodness! It's been rainy here for several days (and with rain, comes my son's panic about "the flood") So I was glad to have a sunny day again! Addison hadn't been in the swing for a while, so she did some swinging while I caught up on some laundry.

I think she looks kind of funny in this picture, but you sure can see her mouth full of teeth...she's got 5 now!

I had a cake order today so I was able to work on that this morning during Addi's nap. I've got another fall cake for tomorrow. That one should be really neat. You'll have to check my baking blog for pictures!