Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swimming and Jet Skis and Dolphins... OH MY!

We rolled into Nick's sister's house about 3PM on Monday... parked the RV right in front of the house!

Within 3 minutes of our arrival... this is where the kids were...
And each day after that, your best bet was to find them all in the pool.  As for Kenzie, she was either on the jet skis or in the pool...

Tyler found a rocking chair just his size...

The Ladners came over from Drew's parent's in Mississippi... they spent one night with us at Jan's, and had so much fun!  We swam, and rode on the jet skis.
 Tyler had no problem wearing the lifejacket in the pool, in fact, when we tried to take him out, he would get mad if we tried to take it off him!

Kenzie and I took the jet skis for a spin and had a blast!

 Nick even took Trevor and Addison out for a ride.... and Drew was on the other one...
 They drove up on some dolphins in the bay... so we ran out and tried to video tape them so you could see how close they were to the jet skis!!!!

Nick's brother Jim flew in today and so he and Nick went out for a crazy ride on the jet skis... then I hopped on with Nick and there were several times where I was afraid for my life... but it's also been a long time since I've had that much fun!

The kids spent most of the morning and afternoon today in the pool... we had them come in for a break and this is what happened... we started a movie for them and the boys chilled out while Addison fell asleep... standing up... at the chair. No joke!

Gone Fishing

Our Spring Break travels started first thing Friday morning as we loaded up a friend of our's RV and headed south. It's a 38 1/2 foot house on wheels!

Our first stop was at the beautiful home of Alaina Ladner's parents, Pam & Scott Barclift in Albertville, Alabama!  We miraculously made the turn up their driveway and parked our beast large RV up by the barn and enjoyed a fabulous evening of delicious food and amazing friends!

I don't have any photos from that night... left my camera in the RV.  We slept our first night in the powerless RV... being amateurs, and having the generator die on us after one minute... made the first night pretty interesting.  But it was late enough, and all we needed was a flashlight to see where the beds were, and we were OUT til morning!

After a wonderful breakfast, we were on our way to Birmingham to Nick's Uncle David and Aunt Judy's for some fishing on Lay Lake!

Our arrival to their home led to another interesting park job in their long narrow driveway... and then we packed up and headed to the lake for 2 nights.

Trevor was the only one who caught any fish.... 3 fish!

Spotted Bass


Uncle David took the kids and Nick for a ride in the Bass Boat...

Then the girls came in and the boys went out for a fast ride... but the wind was a bit much for Trevor, so he got to wear Uncle David's mask... we think he looked liked a Power Ranger!

Later on Addison took a LONG nap with Daddy on the hammock!

And the boys and I went down to look at the water...
 ...and then we kicked the soccer ball around while Kenzie worked on her tan..

We took the pontoon out for a 'tour' of the lake... and all the beautiful homes there are there.
 The kids really enjoyed that!

After a long 2 days of fun... Kenzie and Trevor crashed on the ride back to Uncle David and Aunt Judy's!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Haircut Anyone??

So, this afternoon Addison was drawing a picture... and somehow smuggled my kitchen scissors out of my drawer and tried them out.... on her hair!!!   As soon as I heard that very distinct sound of hair being cut, I went running at her.... took the scissors away as a big chunk of hair fell away from her head...
I guess I scared her to death because she immediately curled her lip under, and made the longest, saddest cry in all of Addi history.... the whine was so long, in fact, that I had time to place the evidence (hair and scissors) on the table in front of her, grab the camera, turn it on, and take a picture.... all before her sad cry ended....

Hawaii Friends Reunited

The past several days the Turner Bed & Breakfast has been occupied by some dear friends from Hawaii!  The Attwoods and their new little baby girl (7 weeks) flew out here from Hawaii to do a little house hunting in preparation for their upcoming move to Virginia!They also have Wyatt, who was part of our playgroup while we were in Hawaii, but he got to spend some quality time with his Grandma while mommy and daddy and baby looked for houses.

We had a big BBQ Friday night and invited all the "former" Hawaii folks over to hang with the Attwoods!  It was a fun night!

Sunday, Julie Svatek drove over from PAX River to spend the afternoon catching up with Kristina!
We took a quick 'ladies shot' before Julie headed back home that evening... I had to crop out 3 little ones who wanted to be part of the picture as well.

Julie, Me, Kristina

Monday evening, Trevor had a soccer game.... he was ON FIRE!!!! The score was 5-2... and guess who scored all 5 goals????? That's right... Trevor!!! He was so excited and proud of himself! It was a great game!

Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures or video.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Saturday's Soccer Game

Trevor had his 2nd soccer game Saturday afternoon. Nick was able to make it back home just in time for the start of the game!!! Trevor was so excited he made it!

I got some video for you to enjoy! Games at this age are so much fun to watch...
He is so quick and goes right after the ball! He really had a great time playing Saturday... even if they did get slaughtered.  It was almost like the field was slanted right toward the other team's goal box. Every time the other team kicked the ball, it would just roll right in....

  He has a game today after school... I will try to update you on that later tonight! It's supposed to be near 90 today!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Soccer Season!

After only 2 practices, Trevor had his first soccer game of the season Monday night! It was a GORGEOUS DAY!!! Temperatures reached the low 90's... that's right folks, I said 90's!  But there was a pretty hefty wind attached to that. Either way.... LOVED IT!

We got stuck in traffic heading south, but we made it in time! Trevor is the white team, THE SKELETONS, and below, he is the one closest to the ball...
 I'm so proud of how aggressive (in a good way) he is this year. He goes after the ball and pays attention ... well, most of the time.

Here he is kicking the ball.
 Water break...
 This was halftime of the first game... he and this teammates were taking turns doing cartwheels... so this was NOT during the game!
 Apparently, being the goalie during this part of the game, was pretty laid back.

 He stole the ball (sorry if my soccer lingo is off, I'm a newby) and kicked it clear down the field... and so he got a big high five from his coach!

 And of course, we brought along some of Trevor's biggest fans... don't worry, he's sipping water from that foil wrapped container... promise.
 Little Miss ADDI-TUDE....

 Although they don't keep score at this age, you KNOW the kids did... each goal they would scream out the score! Trevor's team (if I am informed correctly) won all their games that day!!!

After the games, we rushed back home to grab a bite to eat and run McKenzie to Hip Hop Class, then it was back home for baths and jammies, then back in the car to pick up McKenzie... then bed.

So forgive me for the delay in posting these pictures. Today was my DAY OF REST!  :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Super Fun Day

This is the first weekend Nick has been home in a LONG time!  We took the kids up to DC to Clemyjontri Park! It's a huge park for kids of all ages!

Nick saw it while flying one day and has wanted to bring the kids up there ever since!
When we pulled up and the kids saw how "ginormous" it was.... you can just imagine the squeals!
 Tyler took off and just went wherever he could... through tunnels, raced down the rainbow colored raceway...
 Slid down the slides...
 It was a little chilly today, but it didn't stop all these families from bringing out their kids to have a little fun! This is just one section of the playground...
 Trevor showed me how awesome he was at monkey bars...

 And Addison jumped across the bridges...
 McKenzie helped Tyler hop across this bridge, and met Trevor in the middle.
 Trevor and Addison played follow the leader around several of these balance bars...
 Then they took a break and teeter tottered a while...

 We had all 4 kiddos hop on the 4-way teeter totter.... Tyler thought it was a blast! But he would forget to hang on and so Dad had to standby...

 These crazy monkey bar contraptions spun... so it added another level of difficulty, which Trevor mastered with ease.
 Then out of nowhere... it started to rain, and then it started to SLEET! BRRRRRR!!!! The temperature dropped 10-15 degrees in a matter of minutes.  We ran under one of the shelters while Daddy ran to get us some carousel tokens!

 So while the rain passed, we spun around the carousel. Sorry, no pictures, I was too busy hanging on to Tyler as he went UP and DOWN... saying weeeEEEEEEeeeeeeee as he went UP... and then DOWN... each time. I'm sure the teenage boy got annoyed with us, but we had fun!

After the ride, we decided to head to the car because the playground was a wet mess and would no longer be fun to play on.  Plus, it was suddenly very cold!

We headed over to the Pentagon City Mall... which was 4 levels of stores, and it reminded me of the Ala Moana Mall back in Hawaii!  HUGE!

McKenzie and I went and did some retail therapy, and Nick took the 3 little ones to window shop... and ride the mini carousel..... 4times.
And he bought them all lollipops at the candy store... of course it's fun when you are shopping with Daddy!!!! They were angels for HIM!
We were all exhausted on the way home... Mommy even got to take a little nap when we got home!