Saturday, May 29, 2010

Game 2

McKenzie had her second softball game on Wednesday. Her team is done practicing and will just have games from here on out. With only a handful of practices before their games started, they have had a lot to take in and remember about the game. But they are picking it up and learning as they go! And doing a good job!

McKenzie walked twice, and had one hit...
Fielded a few balls to get the out at first a few times...
She played 2nd base and did EXCELLENT!!! And even though the team lost by just a few points, McKenzie had a great game!
And Trevor and Addison made a new friend...
We have 1-2 games every week throughout the summer. It will be a fun filled action packed season!!! And we LOVE going to the games! Nick took her to get her own bat and some batting gloves and a helmet so he can take her to the batting cage between games. He and McKenzie went with our neighbors to the park to do some fielding and batting practice. I think they'll be doing more of that in the future! It helps to have that 1:1 to help her learn the game!

New developments

Yesterday, little mister Tyler commando crawled around the couch, then out of the blue, propped himself up on all fours and just started crawling!
And just went crazy crawling all over...
(don't you love his fuzzy wuzzy hair!?!)
And if that wasn't enough milestones for one day, he crawled himself over to the stairs.... and headed upwards!
With his cheerleaders supporting him and encouraging him all along the way!
Guess it's time to break out the child gates again!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Garden Update

After a week of rain last week, and lots of sun, and some Miracle Grow treatments, my garden is thriving!!! Upon my most recent inspection with my mom yesterday, we discovered some vegetable on their way!!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!

Snap Peas, Green Beans & Radishes

Cucumbers & Tomatoes

My first cute little green pepper!!! It's about the size of a quarter now.

The first snap pea

Cute little greenie beanies!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


While we weren't off site seeing, our visitors, who according to Addison, went by the names of:
"Gamma" - Grandma
"Pappa" - Grandpa and,
"Pappa Allawon" (pappa other one) - Great Grandpa

...just hung out at the house and spent time with the kiddos. Here, grandpa and Tyler are looking under the TV stand for.... I'm not sure what. Tyler kept looking under there, so grandpa thought he'd take a look see too.
Tyler got a hold of grandpa's shades.
Take 2...
Take 3...
And since Addison always seems to be wearing a hat of some sorts, and it seems that she is fascinated with winter caps, I found her this pretty hat online here that came with a dainty pink flower. I wanted her to model it for me, but she was just SO THIRSTY (and didn't want to put the cup down for the picture)
The weather was mostly nice and warm... so we spent some time out on the back deck.
Yesterday, my grandpa and dad flew back home. We took a quick picture with my grandpa in front of our house before we headed to the airport! My mom will be staying a little bit longer!!!

Washington D.C.

Monday we took my parents and grandpa up to D.C. to see the WWII Memorial and some other sites. McKenzie is taking a field trip next week with her class to D.C., so she decided to go to school that day instead. We parked pretty close and only had to walk a little bit to our first site:

WWII Memorial

We listened to the volunteer talk about the memorial, and Addison (wearing Trevor's winter hat???).... did not.

Each star represents 100 lives lost. There are 40,000 stars which equals 400,000 lives lost during WWII.

We posed in front of our state.

(Thank you Nick for adding a little 'spunk' to our photo below)

While walking to the next memorial, some squirrels came up to us as we munched on crackers. So we shared, and they ate right our of Nick's hand.

Korean War Memorial

We stopped for a quick bite to eat...

Then went on to the Lincoln Memorial
Dad, Grandpa, Trevor & Addison * Me, Mom & Abe

We got to watch HMX do a fly by while we were at the Lincoln Memorial! It was pretty neat!

Nick and the kiddos

Grandpa & my parents

Addison & Me

Addison enjoying a cookie

Vietnam Memorial
We could see the Jefferson Memorial from our car, but didn't want to get stuck in afternoon traffic, so we headed on home after a satisfying morning of site seeing.

On the way home, we had a few sleepers...
One, I think was faking. One was obviously not because she was snoring.

And the third one played peek-a-boo with Grandma

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Turner B&B status: NO VACANCY

Yesterday morning, Trevor had a double pajama birthday party for a couple girls in his preschool class, complete with bacon, pancakes and all the fixins! We sang them happy birthday and watched them blow out the candles on their crispy creme donut tower cake and then we were off to the airport to pick up my parents and my grandpa!

It wasn't long after we got them back to the house and settled in, before we were off and running again to McKenzie's FIRST SOFTBALL GAME!

She played 2nd base (orange team) and got two outs at her base! She also walked once and hit a foul ball, before walking again. She even got to (walk) to home and contribute to the score count! She's on a 12/13 year old league who are on their first or second year of the sport. So a lot of the girls are trying to grasp the concept of the game... (that's all I'll say)

If you don't count the fact that her team had to officially forfeit for not having enough team members at game time, with a little help from the other team to make a 9 players, the Orange team pulled through and won the game!
She did a GREAT job of watching the balls come in from all the different pitchers in each innings!
Grandpa and Dad did the best they could to cheer her on as loud as they could and embarrass her to the best of their abilities. Along with the rest of the Turner/Wilson crew under the only canopy at the game! (sorry no pic)
Walkin' to first.
We had a lazy Sunday morning watching the rain, and then we headed to the National Marine Corps Museum (while Nick stayed home with the little ones)
By this time the sun was out in full force...
Then we relaxed again back at the house while Nick prepared bacon wrapped shrimp and shish-ka-bobs for the grill.

I showed my grandpa my vegetable garden and he gave me some tips while we dug around the radishes to discover my FIRST HARVEST:

My very first radish!
If the weather cooperates tomorrow, I should have some more exciting pictures to share with you! We are really enjoying our time with "Gamma, Pappa & Gate Pappa" (in the words of Addison)