Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ko Olina Resort

We packed up the kids today and headed over to the Ko Olina Resorts to meet a friend of mine from back home and her family! Her husband has been here for a few weeks for work, so she decided to fly out with her 2 kids and spend a week out here as well! They are staying at a fabulous condo just walking distance from the beach. Jack (3) and Trevor held hands as we walked. It was so funny to listen to their conversations!
Even after living in Hawaii for over 5 years now, I was blown away by the BEAUTIFUL beaches they had there. We walked around to the next cove over...which was just as gorgeous as this one!

We packed a picnic lunch and ate in the shade before going down in the water.

We had a little visitor, a baby mongoose, who wasn't very shy. McKenzie threw it a piece of bread and I was shocked at how close it came to us all! Addison went absolutely BONKERS!!!
My friend had taken the kids down to this beach before, so Jack was excited to show Trevor around. Surprisingly, Trevor ran right into the water and walked around the rocks without missing a beat!
Another shocker was that Addison ran right to the water as well! And then she never left it! She is part fish, I believe!

Poor McKenzie was bummed that she didn't have a friend her age, so she pouted for a few minutes, but realized she should make the most of it, and got over it real fast. She pulled the boys around on the boogie boards, and found a sea cucumber, laid out with Meridith, and ended up having a pretty good time!

Here, the boys took turns pulling each other on the boogie board!

Farren (5 days younger than Addi) & Jack (3)
Trevor even got brave and took the board out in the water and swam it in to shore.

If I tried to get Addison to play in the sand, she would walk her way back to the water.

We had so much fun. I can't wait to go back again and enjoy the beaches there! It was so secluded and I couldn't believe how bare the beaches were. There were hardly any other people there! It was hard to get the kids to leave, but it was late afternoon, we were turning into tomatoes, and we all needed a nap!

Lt. Dan Band at Marine Corps Base Hawaii

The Lt. Dan Band came to Hawaii to play at some of the military bases as part of their USO tour. They were here in 2007 but we didn't go to that one. I met Alaina and Julie at the concert and we showed up about 20 minutes beforehand....and would you beleive we found a nice open area in the second row!?!?! It was so great!
Gary Sinase didn't do any lead singing, but he totally rocked on the bass guitar!
Addi wasn't too impressed at first...
Trevor really busted out some moves when the concert started!
Alaina and Andrew.
Alaina LOVES Gary Sinase. I made her a sign to hold up that says "MARRY ME GARY" but I forgot it at home....(just kidding) Her only goal that night was to touch him.

Me & Mer
The lead singer and Lt. Dan
He was an amazing lead singer! And boy could he move! We'll do impressions at a later date!
Here are Andrew & Trevor jammin' in the strollers.

This was one of the guitarists who was originally from Hawaii, as well as a Vietnam veteran!

Gary Sinase (aka Lt. Dan)
We made eye contact several times! It was really cool! Alaina also had her 'moment' with him where their eyes met and they exchanged smiles... Her exaggerated version (tee hee) of the story can be found on her blog I'm sure in the next day or so....

McKenzie, Addison & Meridith

Addison was so sleepy by the end of the concert that she started acting really silly and was dancing around.

Kualoa Ranch Fieldtrip with Trevor

I stood in for Nick on this fieldtrip to the Ranch. It was originally supposed to be 2 weeks ago, but due to the high winds we had, they canceled all the schools, therefore it was rescheduled to today. And...since he is now in Iraq, I went in his place.

It was about a 25 minute bus ride to the North shore. Then, we got off our bus, and onto these very 'lovely' buses with no window to tour the ranch.
It was really sunny!

Trevor and I got to sit in the back!

Here is an old sugar mill that was only in operation for 8 years until they realized the sugar they were producing was too dry.

We drove along a cliff and down into the Kaa'awa Valley where there were TONS of cattle. It was calfing season, so there were a lot of little babies running around.

We also passed a few longhorns along the way.....scary.

There are also old WWII bunkers on their property. That was neat to see.

Here is the view of the ocean out the back of the bus... we could see whale spouts all over. It was so neat. I wish they would have stopped so we could wait for them to surface!

We then got off the buses and walked around to visit some of the animals.
This is WILBER, the enormous pot belly pic, who at first, Trevor refused to go near. But as the rest of his class followed it around like a bunch of ducklings, Trevor finally gave in and pet him. He said "wow, mom...Wilber's really prickly!"

This is FLASH, their best working horse. All the kids got to feed him.

This is FELLA, the oldest spider monkey in captivity ON THIS PLANET! He's 47! We watched him eat bananas.

This picture didn't turn out as good as I was hoping. (thanks to the chain link fence) But you can see the ocean, palm trees and china man's hat in the distance. Just thought it looked funny with the 'ranch' setting in the foreground!

We fed lots of animals, and then had our lunch. Then the kids needed to burn off a little energy before heading back to the school. I don't know how Trevor didn't fall asleep on the way home, but he did take a nice nap once we got home that afternoon!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


I finally got a phone call from Nick tonight!!! I have been waiting for days. I know he's been very busy getting settled at work, and trying to cope with the drastic time change.

He was waiting to test up some planes before some expected bad weather was supposed to come in.

He expects to move into his room (can) on the 1st. Things are going good. He's on day shift now.

I 'briefed' him on the kids, and what we had coming up for the upcoming weekend. Then he had to get back to work. I look forward to hearing from him again soon!

I also posted a list of items he said he and maybe some of the other marines might need. The list is on the left sidebar of the blog. I'll do my best to keep it updated for any of you who are wondering what he would like or need!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Meridith "Brookie"

Yesterday was my sister's 20th birthday!!! And although she claims to have NO FRIENDS here, I still tried to make it a special day.

I got her a membership to 24 Hour Fitness, made her some chocolate dipped strawberries, bananas and fresh pineapple.. (because I could do it for a fraction of the price that Edible Arrangements charges)

And then we went out to eat at Zia's. Our favorite italian restaurant. Alaina and Andrew Ladner joined us for dinner.

Meridith got to chose a free birthday dessert, so she got the always yummy Spumoni Ice Cream Cake.

After dinner, we all came back to play American Idol on the Wii. The kiddos even played along!

Baking GALS Round 6 - Baking for Captain Turner

This round of Baking GALS (Give A Little Support) I am hosting Nick for my marine to receive all sorts of goodies!

It's just in time for Valentine's Day, so join the team and let's send him some love!

Go to,


then click on JOIN A ROUND 6 TEAM,

then scroll down to TEAM UGLY ANGEL.

(Or, just email me for the info)

I'll send you his mailing address, along with any ideas or favorites he likes.

If you send them early, he'll get them in time for Valentine's Day!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Addison Using A Fork

Addison has finally figured out the art of using silverware! Instead of just holding the fork in one hand while shoving food in her mouth with her other hand, she now uses the fork appropriately!

Quick Update

Just got a quick email from Nick. They aren't in their rooms yet, but plans to get to move in on the 1st. He is rooming with Drew Ladner. They have acquired a fridge and a TV from a friend in the previous squadron, so that is great!

Nick starts flying tomorrow! He said the next couple weeks will by busy as they get into a routine! I look forward to a phone call from him soon! I haven't heard his voice in several days!

They do have the option to get internet in their rooms, but have heard that the quality is not that great. He and Drew may try it out to see how it is. It will be nice to be able to have that! We'll see!

That's all I know for now!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Nick's New Email Address & An Update

Nick's email address during the deployment is:

I finally got an email from him tonight saying they were in Al Asad, but living in tents for the next 5 days until HMH-363, the squadron they are replacing, moves out and heads home. After that, they should be able to move into their 'rooms'.

They are all struggling to adjust to the time difference, but I'm sure they'll get there soon! Nick said they all tried to stay awake that first day, but ended up taking a long nap and then slept longer than they planned. Nick woke up at 0230 (am)!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Confirmation of Arrival to Al Asad from the XO

Main Body is on deck. Arrived at 0615 on the 25th at our location,

that was 1715 on the 24th to you (Hawaii time). All bedded down and catching up on sleep.



Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Windy Day at the Beach

My morning started early at 5:30am! Addison had soaked her bed. So I washed her up and brought her up to bed with me...but she was NOT going to go back to bed.

We caught up on some laundry this morning before heading to the was a beautiful sunny day! Addison was my little laundry helper...sort of.We went to Pyramid Rock Beach on the was sunny, but, do I dare say it...the wind was a little chilly! Trevor is always so good about getting a quick start on his sand castle building...
McKenzie brought her friend Tiani along, and they decided to dig a huge hole...
Addison was smart and spent the first part of the day in the tent..which, due to the wind, was mostly 'bent' to the side. Luckily for her, the tent has pockets on the sides that you fill with sand to prevent the tent from 'taking flight'. The screened sides prevent the sand from getting in.
After a while, Addison got brave and ventured out of the tent and we went for a walk in the sand.
Addi loved the water. She waited for the waves to sneak up on her little toes...
And she just grinned from ear to ear when they splashed up her legs...
When they went back down, she would try to run in after them...
Then she tried her hand at sand castles....
We were at the beach for just under 2 hours...the wind was just too much. We'll have plenty of other opportunities to be beach bums. So we ended our outing with vanilla cones from McDonalds for the kids!

No word from Nick today.