Friday, February 26, 2010

Nemo Attack

I was playing with Tyler the other day. He loves playing with the Tyler sized Nemo we have. I'm so glad I had my cell phone handy and was able to video him a few times. Sorry the quality isn't all that great... but you get the main idea.

And of course I had to save the best for last...

Pink Medicine

Today I made my 3rd trip to the clinic on base in the past 8 days. Today was Addison's turn to see the doctor. I wish they could just see all my kids in one visit. It sure would save me a lot of pain. But that would have been too convenient for me....

Anyways, I've pretty much been given the same diagnosis for all the kiddos. Ear infection, antibiotics x 10 days, and see me back in 3 weeks. And for Trevor and Addison, an addition bottle of Claritin for their congestion/ear fluid/allergies. So... after 3 doctor visits for 3 separate kids, and 3 ear infections later, here is what you see when you open my fridge.....
They should have just given me the pharmacy stock jug of amoxicillin.

*And is it bad that I love that Claritin makes them sleepy? Perfect bedtime medicine!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Joys of Parenthood

I am so thankful that Tyler slept through the night last night. I think that makes 3 times in his 7 months! But I'll take it!!!

However, I just wish Addison wouldn't take that opportunity to climb in our bed around 1AM and continue to cry, whine, and flop around aimlessly, leaving Mommy about 2 inches of mattress all night. [stretching sore back]

I'm surprised Nick didn't go sleep in her bed!

I can't wait for nap time!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Little Multi-Tasker

Daddy gave Tyler a bath in the kitchen sink tonight. He is quite the multi-tasker... Tyler, that is.

Bathing - Sitting - Balancing - Splashing - Upper lip sucking... He does it all!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Here is a sneak preview of what Nick is working on this weekend! I can't wait!

Friday, February 19, 2010

6 month check up

Even though Tyler is nearly 7 months, we are just now getting in to get his 6 month checkup. That's Naval Health Clinic for ya. But anyways, it was an early morning, and a long one, but he checked out pretty good! Weighing in at 18.2 pounds! He also had an ear infection that seemed to be asymptomatic at home until the doctor looked in his ear and Tyler literally growled at him! So, the doctor laughed a little and had me lay him down so he could take a better look. Sure enough, he had a bit of an ear infection!

And after waiting ONLY an hour at the pharmacy for antibiotics, after getting his shots, we were on our way back home!

On a happier note, here is Trevor making Tyler laugh after supper the other night. Trevor seems to be the only one who can make Tyler laugh at the drop of a hat with just a single look!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Call Guinness...

Because I think Nick just made the world's largest bookshelf for McKenzie's room. I painted it last night. When I asked him to build McKenzie a bookshelf, I envisioned something more along the lines of 1/4 this size:
But I'm sure she will find things to fill it with! I could.

Valentine's Party & Art

The kids FINALLY made it back to school today. They haven't been since the 4th of February! All because of snow! They were even delayed 2 hours today... but at least they went!

McKenzie takes electives in 6th grade. They switch every 6 weeks. She just completed art! They got to play with clay and make some things! She brought home this cute and colorful monkey and it's little bitty baby! She did an awesome job! I have them sitting in my kitchen window, and they are so cute! They make me smile.
And since they have been out for nearly 2 weeks, Trevor had his Valentine's Party today. It was supposed to be last week, but it kept getting delayed. (Thank you snow)

For his party, he had to make a mailbox and decorate it. (no picture) He also helped me make some fun can valentines for his 9 other classmates. We taped on his Cars valentine pencils to the side. (Trevor's idea)

He also helped me put together a couple valentine cookie bouquets for his teachers.
And if that wasn't enough... he was on the snack schedule for this week. Normally you make snacks that coordinate with the letter of the week, but since we didn't know what letter they would be working on... I just did some valentine treats! So we made pink/white/red swirly cupcakes with heart cookies and heart wafers on top. They were a huge hit! Yay! His teacher said they were the BEST cupcakes EVER!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wooden Bench II

First off, Nick would like me to point out all that it takes to make nice things out of wood... meaning, THIS IS WHAT I NEED TO MAKE THINGS YOU WANT.
Above was the aftermath.... below are the ingredients. Ladies, please note, that if you would like your man to build nice things for you, don't ever complain about the number of tools her has, or wants.
And in case you were wondering, I am pretty sure I have never complained about that. I think.

Remember the railings from this old old baby crib? Well, I finally got a few minutes to stain and put on a couple clear coats...

Here's how it started out.
Nick had to sand each little spindle by hand...
All put together and ready to be stained waiting for me for a couple days....

Nick went and bought a nice router so he is very proud of the edges on this piece!
The finished product!
Love it!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend at Gaylord National Harbor

13 guys from Nick's squadron were getting promoted, so they had a party at a piano bar outside of D.C. called Bobby McKeys. (You might even recognize a couple gals on the front page slide show before next weekend (steph & felicia)!

We stayed at a beautiful hotel called Gaylord National.
We packed up the kids and headed up early afternoon around check in time so the kids could get some pool time in. I even dug out some swimming trunks for Tyler so he could get some splash time in.He loved the water... and cuddle time with Steph even more once he was out!
Nick and Addison peeking at me over the edge of the pool.... and Trevor too!
Then Addison was ready to get out... notice all the snow outside?!
This is what our room resembled (from the website) I forgot to take a picture before we got settled and pretty much destroyed it.
Our view from the 14th floor, waiting for the elevators.
Wilson Bridge... Nick flies over this bridge rather low quite frequently.
The best entertainment all weekend... Japanimation Convention at our hotel the same night we stayed. Had I had my camera the day we checked in... you would have seen many a freak shows. But Nick and I stood in the lobby just people watching ... and laughing... and "Ew!ing" Some people should not have been wearing the skimpy little costumes they were. Ick.
Nick caught some storm troopers coming up the escalator...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Missing My Hawaii

We got a very special couple packages today in the mail.... from Hawaii!!! Our friends, the Paytons', stayed with us last week during our first big snow storm... We had such a great time. But they flew home right before this last big snow storm. Which means they are back in beautiful Hawaii... warm, ocean breeze, SUN....

But they sent us a little piece of Hawaii today. It makes me miss my Hawaii... and most of all, my Hawaii friends. The first package was full of yummy macadamia nut treats and local goodies. The kids LOVED LOVED LOVED opening this one up:And the second package came with a small challenge....
The flowers were GORGEOUS.. and TROPICAL!!!!! But they came in a long skinny box, and a little gold pot...which required me to 'create' a tropical arrangement. I consider myself a pretty crafty gal and wear many hats... but I'm not sure that I've ever brought out my florist cap. Nonetheless, I was SUPER EXCITED to give it a shot! Thank goodness the flowers came with a pamphlet of example pictures... (most helpful!)

So, a little red ginger flower here, a bird of paradise here, a couple anthuriums here and uh... here....some seaweed-looking greenery here, oh! and don't forget the ti leaves... and VOILA!
I LOVE IT! Makes me feel back at home in Hawaii!
Mahalo Gina and family! We are ever so grateful! We miss you and very much enjoyed spending time with you and the kiddos and 'grammy' too! Thank you for sending us a little piece of Hawaii during our blistering cold winter!!!! I smile every time I look at it! You guys are the best!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What we do when we are snowed in...

The kids are home from school for yet another two days. No school through Thursday this week. Because of the crazy snow storms. Trevor and I have been working on his Valentine's for his big party at school, which was supposed to be tomorrow. But now it's not until Tuesday. *sigh* Anyways, I'll post pics of that when we are done.

Trevor has been busy coloring a lot during his days home. Yesterday he did a portrait of his new best buddy, "Elephie" [ella-fee]. I thought it was super fabulous and had to show it off!
Nick, who is also home all week with the base being closed, (Bummer, huh?) has been able to do some 'fun' things in his itty bitty garage. Here is a sneak peak of what he's working on now:
The last couple weeks we were working on refinishing the old bedroom set of Nick's that we brought back from his parents before coming to Virginia. We are putting it in McKenzie's room. Here is what it looked like before...

And this is what her bed and bedside table look now! We were going to do a black stain, but decided last minute to just paint it black. I love how it turned out. Now her bed just needs her new comforter set. It's on backorder until the end of February! (Note the horse posters she is hanging up from her horse magazine!? A christmas subscription from Jim and Julie!) She loves them!Also, I painted an old light blue lamp I got at a yard sale for $0.50.... covered the lampshade with some fuzzy zebra paper.... now all it needs is a little fringe around the bottom to be complete! We still have the dresser to paint. Here is my little Addison, who has been up the last two nights with a bit of the stomach flu. She is fine during the day, but when evening comes, she is one sick little puppy. But she's all smiles today!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Old Bassinet Upcycle

Since the base has been closed due to the large amounts of snow we have recently gotten... Nick has been working on his latest project. We got an old bassinet at my dad's auction when we were back home this fall (similar to the picture shown here, only ours was much more OLD SCHOOL looking) and we (meaning Nick) took it apart and turned it into:

I painted it yesterday and once it was dry, we moved it inside to the area at the top of our basement steps, near the back door.
He even made an open bench to store the kids snow apparel. Like gloves, hats, scarves...
Trevor and Addison helped transfer the loot from the old winter tote, to the new bench this morning!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The sun is out!

This is what 22 inches of snow looks like in the morning sun.
Isn't it pretty? I'm sure they'll be millions of footprints and sled tracks in this before the day's end.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Snow Snow... and No Power

Well, we lost power about 3:10PM this afternoon. Trevor and McKenzie were still over at the neighbors. Soon after, our neighbor was snow blowing our driveway. So, Nick went out to help him and move his snow covered truck out of the driveway. But with about 20 inches of snow, he had to use his push broom to uncover it.
So we watched from the window, Addison and me.

Then we watched the push broom break. The handle snapped right off. So then we watched Nick brush off the truck with just the broom head. Poor Nick.
And then he barreled through the snow drift at the end of the driveway.

Look how deep the snow is!
Tyler was happy to just SIT and play inside next to the {gas} fireplace.
Addison loved sitting in the window watching the snow shoot out the snow blowers, and keeping an eye on her Daddy.
But it wasn't long before I bundled her up to go exploring with the other kids.

Addison, McKenzie, Maliah

I did actually go outside for pictures... but I had the zoom lens on so I wouldn't have to go too far. Addison picked out her hat. Look familiar Jim? {Longfellow Drilling}

"I'm COLD!"

This is what my mantle looked like when it got dark, loaded with candles, when we had no electricity. Nick and Poncho (our neighbor) took the truck out to see if Lowe's or Home Depot were open, which they weren't, and stopped to pick up Chinese food for supper. As soon as we got the candles situated and flashlights set just right so that we could eat at the table....
the power came back on! So we were only without for about 4.5 hours. Let's just hope it stays on all night. The snow has stopped as of 8pm tonight and I think that is all we are supposed to get for this round.