Sunday, June 28, 2009

Crazy Molly

So I realize the picture below makes my yard look a little white trash-y, but the kids were just outside playing and just haven't put anything away yet....

However, if you'll look closer, you'll see that our crazy dog has drug her bed out in the middle of the yard to sun bathe!

Or maybe she's just getting away from our loud and crazy house!
Lately, she has been dragging it to the front windows in the mornings and sitting in the sun, but this is a first..... going outside with it!

Quick Request from Nick

I hadn't talked to Nick since Father's Day. He has been doing some traveling for a mission he's been planning, and had been EXTREMELY busy! I received a brief email this morning from him and one two days ago.

The weather has been really hot there. He says at 0700 it's already 95 degrees and gets 'stupid hot' in the afternoons.

He said what he could really use right now are some BLUE MONSTER ENERGY DRINKS. He says they really help him get through the long days. (even though he knows they aren't that great for him!)

So, if you are getting your last care package together or want to send out one last box, he'd love some of those! Thanks!

Other than that, he is doing well. He is just really ready to come home!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Playgroup at Ho'omaluhia Botanical Gardens

This week playgroup met at the Botanical Gardens here in Kaneohe. It was overcast and of course rained on us as soon as we got out of the car and started walking toward the lake. We took shelter in the pavilion. As soon as we made it there, the rain stopped and the sun came out... along with the DUCKS!

Addison thought it was pretty neat that the ducks came up so close!

Trevor & Addison feeding the ducks bread.

Trevor taking a brief break to smile for mom!

I brought along the bubbles...

Addison just plopped right down in the middle of the flock and just watched them eat bread!

Trevor... STILL feeding the ducks bread.

"Mama! More bread!!!!"

Our best group picture of the day!

I just love how Addison is looking at Wyatt...

Addison & Calvin

Addison & Wyatt

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Weekend Warrior-ette!

With the weeks dwindling down until baby AND Nick's return, I figured I should get going on finishing up some projects I planned on getting accomplished during this deployment!

The kitchen was a big one, and although I started a couple months ago, I quickly lost my motivation. So, this past week, McKenzie and I have been painting the walls and cupboards, and putting on new hardware on all the cupboard doors in the kitchen!

*I did have a pic of McKenzie painting, but that was lost on the laptop when it crashed... poo!

But before we could paint, the doors had to come off... luckily, I had my little handy man here to help out (a.k.a Captain Underpants)
Even Addison helped out a little! Trevor was very patient with her and told her very nicely that she was missing the screws...
He's quite the handyman! Not only is he good with Daddy's tools, he paints too!
They look so much cleaner and brighten up the kitchen so much, I don't know why we didn't do this sooner!!!!Pardon the messy counters.. the stuff has to go somewhere while the cupboards dry out!

The kids have been playing really great together today, and all week for that matter, while I have been trying to get this done...Addison has been especially silly today... trying to capture as much attention from her siblings as possible! Today she discovered the new talent of sucking on two binkies at once! Or as she would say "Ginky" (binkie).
We are SO PROUD!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

"The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God, and I call him Dad!"
~~Author Unknown.

I took these pictures of the kids and am going to have them framed for Nick for Father's Day. Since he will have no place to keep it while living in a tent, I emailed him the above picture and will have the frame hanging for him in his office when he gets home! I think it will be neat to do this every year!

5 Months Down

Today marks 5 months down! 2 to go! It doesn't sound so great once I say it out loud because it really seems like it should be so much closer than this. Good thing though, is that it means the advanced party has one month left! So with all the planning of their return, things will go by fast, and then we'll be down to the last month.

Nick called the other day and said the squadron has over 14 computers up and running and were expected to get even more very soon. So don't hold back on the emails!!! He loves getting them. He said the time he takes reading them takes away from remembering where he is... so take a minute and drop him a line if you can!


The last month will be full of all kinds of excitement and events to keep us busy though! McKenzie is going to a summer camp for kids with deployed parents the last week in July, my mom is coming out on the 24th, McKenzie and Trevor start school on the 30th, and then.... BABY! And after that big arrival, I'm sure time will go at warp speed with all the craziness at the house!

So...8 weeks-ish and counting! No set dates yet!

Banner Making - Session One

The squadron got together today for session one of three of homecoming banner making for the Ugly Angels. We had tables set up and sheets galore for anyone who was ready to make their homecoming banner!

We are going to make Nick's banner at home, so McKenzie and her friend Katelyn made a sign for one of the single marines. (Plus, there is no way I could supervise the making of our banner with Addison running free in the hangar... I need a more stable environment for that.)

Addison ran around the hangar with the other kiddos there. The hangar floor is SO DIRTY! Grease EVERYWHERE.... the bottoms of Addison's crocs are BLACK with a capital B!!!! All the kids running around were just a filthy mess, but they had fun!

Trevor enjoyed making all kinds of crafts at the craft table.

For a special Father's Day treat, we got all the kids together in front of a helicopter on the bay to take a "Father's Day" pic to send to the squadron. For as many little ones as there were, I was so impressed with how well they all stood still! One of the spouses took the official picture, and I'm sure it turned out great!!!Addison is in the front with the green crocs, Trevor right behind her and McKenzie is in the back holding one of the infants in the squadron.

A few of us ended up at Kristina's for a taco supper afterwards! It was great to let the kids run around and play while us ladies sat around the table and visited. It's last minute get togethers with the girls like this that really make the deployment tolerable! We discussed all kinds of topics and laughed so hard my stomach hurt! It was a great night!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Photo from Nick

Nick is in the helicopter closest to the camera.

Marines with 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment (Reinforced) arrive at their forward operating base after holding key terrain within a hostile mountain pass in the Farah province of Afghanistan June 16. The Marines are the ground combat element of Regimental Combat Team 3, whose presence prevents enemy movement in an effort to maintain peace for the local populace.

More details HERE.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Playgroup at Calvin's

Okay, so I got the old desktop computer up and running so I can still stay connected to the world until I get my laptop back! Yay!

This morning rained hard, but by the time playgroup gathered, it was hot and sunny. There were just 3 littles at the playgroup this week. The others had company in town! We went to Calvin's house for a couple hours to play. I think the highlight was the old piano that each of them took a turn on.

Here, Calvin & Addison played a lovely duet.
Um...excuse me? BUSTED!
Wyatt & Trevor
After a while, I broke out the bubble machine we brought along and the kids went crazy chasing thousands of bubbles in the yard.

Can this count as our small group picture?

Trevor & Wyatt chasing bubbles

Calvin & Addison chasing bubbles
Until next week!

Computer down again

My laptop crashed on me so I am typing this with a remote on our big screen through the Wii.

I complained to hp about having to send it in again so they had the `manager` call me back... this morning... at 5am. Gotta love living in Hawaii. But they are going to expedite my service and extend my warranty.

Nick called last night and we were able to chat a while. I was thrilled to hear he`s on a bit of a vacation... more details to come. Sorry no details. He is doing good though.

I took the kids to the waterpark yesterday with Alaina. No camera so you`ll have to check her blog HERE for those.

Off to playgroup this morning. Pictures will be delayed.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


This week has flown by so far! Today, however, was exhausting!!!

McKenzie started us out with morning shots! Going into 6th grade requires her to have 4 shots + a PPD test (for tuberculosis). She was a trooper getting two puncture wounds in each arm, and one in her forearm. She got a little pale at first, but no passing out! Yay!

Then we rushed to my 33 week doctor appointment. Whoops; we were a little late, and my blood pressure was a little high, but after explaining to the nurse my morning.... she was sure my blood pressure was no concern. So, why is it when you are running late that you get stuck at each red light, and get behind each slow car on the way???? Only to get to the parking lot and get stuck in a slow crawl of cars all wanting that LAST parking spot!!!! Ugh! So, my stress and hurrying caused my little BP to go up just a wee bit.

All is well with baby! Back again in 2 weeks! Then it's weekly visits after that until the big arrival!

Lunch time came and went, the kids were annoying each other. My attempt at a nap on the couch was interrupted several times until I just gave up. Trevor came up to me and says "Mommy, are you awake now?" I just looked at him, "Does it look like mommy's awake? Was mommy ever really asleep?"

He and McKenzie made a paper chain for how many days until Daddy comes home. I thought it would be a fun project for them to do (while I was supposed to be napping) and help Trevor understand the length of time we have yet until the big day. Obviously, I had to guess a little on the return date. When they were done, they held up their finished product all proud, and what did I do? On the outside I smiled and told them what a great job they did.... on the inside, I cried.... is there REALLY that many days left still!!! It was a bit depressing. (Bad Idea) So, it now hangs in our doorway to the living room and they get to rip a link off each day.

Notice it is tripled up along the wall.. (boo hoo)

Then the phones started ringing... and don't get me wrong, it was great catching up with those who called (Sherree!) and I even got to chat on Skype! All while "trying to" control my screaming kids! But what I was needing to do was GO TO THE COMMISSARY!!!!! Walking out the door, finally, one last phone call! GOD BLESS GINA for calling and asking us over for burgers. It ended up turning out to be a "here's my kids... I'm off to the commissary" but never have I been in and out of the commissary so fast! So THANK YOU GINA for feeding my kids while I ran some errands. YOU ROCK! Next time, I'll grill (or McKenzie will) and YOU can get a break!

Nick called yesterday!!!! They finally have 2 phones now, which sometimes work! I was able to talk to him for quite a while! It had been 2 weeks since we last talked. I was beginning to forget what his voice sounded like!!! They are doing as well as can be expected... the heat was rising, but they keep on keeping on! He sounded good and said he would be on day shift a couple more weeks yet. I wish he would get switched to nights so that he can get a break already!!! Oh well. He thanks everyone for the recent care packages!

Finally home tonight and got the kids put away and the groceries in bed (tee hee)! To bed with me too! GOOD NIGHT!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First Soccer Practice

After waiting two weeks for someone to volunteer to coach Trevor's "Mini Grass" team, we got a coach!!! So, practice started tonight!

Group circle to get to know each other (all 5 of them)

Addison wanted to join them the entire practice...

Then Mommy had to chase after her...

She's been caught!!!

Kicking the ball back and forth.

There was one girl on the team, and I overheard one of the boys tell her "You should be a Cheerleader!" I thought it was kind of funny, oh, what kids say sometimes! I hope she proves him wrong!!!

Here he's running the last lap around the field at the end of practice... I think I caught him on a down step, he looks a little droopy. Poor guy, though, he was so exhausted when practice was over. But he really had a great time! Next practice is Friday! Games start in July!

He had to get 4 immunizations this morning for junior kindergarten and I think they wiped him out. His poor little thighs were sore and ready for a warm soak in the tub when we got home!