Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tyler & Addison

With McKenzie and Trevor in school all day, I only have these two to keep me busy during the day.

Today, Tyler finally made it up on the bench all by himself. He's been working on that a lot lately. He was so proud.
And Addison didn't want to feel left out after I brought out the camera to capture Tyler's accomplishments! We had just gotten home from Addison's dance class... and yes she wore that hat there and back. I'm surprised she didn't throw a fit when I took it off her head just as she went into the classroom!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Marilyn Monroe meets House Cleaning

Addison was helping my vacuum up a dirt mess (thanks to Tyler)...
The air coming out of the top of the dirt devil made her hair go crazy... I couldn't stop laughing!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Roadtrip to California

California, Maryland... that is.

We took a beautiful drive over to see our friends, the Svateks'. They lived across the street from us when we started out in Milton, FL.... then lived down the street from us on base in Hawaii... and now they live just across the Potomac River! So, really, a near 2 hour drive works for me! It could be worse!

Julie has come to our neck of the woods a few times since we both moved to the east coast, so we were past due for a trip over to see them!

The kids had a blast touring the house, and getting into everything... including tormenting their huge 18+ pound cat "Odie".

Addison finally get her "Meow" fix.We visited for a while and then went out to eat at RED ROBIN....YUM!!!! On our way to the restaurant, Addison argued with me how Odie was a BIG Mommy Meow... I tried telling her, no, Odie is a daddy meow because he was a boy cat. But there was just no changing her mind. Odie was NOT a male cat... he was a MOMMY MEOW! (arms crossed and angry face on)
We had a great time catching up with Mike and Julie! Thanks so much for dinner, and a great afternoon! We'll make it back again soon!

Friday, September 17, 2010

S'More Smores

Roasting marshmallows and making smores has become quite a tradition for us this summer. We probably do it too often... but it's so fun (and yummy!). And Nick can NEVER say no when the kids ask him.

Now, tonight, however, we made history. Normally, Addison is all for making smores. She is thrilled. She will roast marshmallows all night long... and never eat a one! BUT, she WILL eat her weight in chocolate if you don't watch her!

See below... Addison actually eating her smore!
And loving that Daddy is picture crazy with his cell phone...
Trevor tended to the fire...
And Addison continued to beg Daddy to take pictures of her... she sat like this, mouth open, for atleast 30 seconds or more while Nick got his phone set up for a picture...
This was all the kids idea... "Here Addison, sit beside me and put your arm around me"
and one more!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Morning Sun

These two are having quite a time together during the day while big brother and big sister are in school.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mount Vernon

Saturday we headed up to Mount Vernon, the estate of George Washington. The weather was fabulous and we couldn't have gone on a more beautiful day.
It also happened to be the same day of the BIG GAME! Iowa vs. Iowa State... so we wore our appropriate attire.
Nick had a quick huddle with the little ones before entering the mansion on our tour to go over the 'game plan'.
Being built over 250 years ago, it was amazing to see how well they have maintained the home.
No photo taking is allowed inside the mansion, but we were able to go through and see almost every room to include the bedroom where George Washington passed away. The place was HUGE!
And the view from the backside was A-MAZING! Looking out over the Potomac River. I could sit and sip a cold drink all day long in those rocking chairs and watch the kids run in the yard.

The grounds had dozens of buildings where the servants did laundry, cooked, and slept. There was a smoke house, cellar, and many more buildings. The stables housed horses and all the 'carriages' and other means of transportation...
As we walked further down, we saw the original resting place of Washington and his family
that was changed 30 years after he died to a larger tomb:
Then we walked along a beautiful trail (which I can't wait to go back again once the leaves change in the fall) toward the farm grounds.
My boys
And my girls + Savannah (McKenzie's pal)
Here we are outside the 16 sided barn that was designed by Washington himself!

His horses walked around the circle, smashing the wheat, causing the grain to fall between the cracks of the floor into the basement....

Here is the basement where the grain was collected and taken up to the kitchen where the servants would grind it into flour for cooking.
Trevor asked what happened when the horses pooped or peed down onto the wheat. Yuck. I hope they washed it REALLY good!!!

Then we walked the trail back to the main road.

We finished our tour that day by visiting some of the farm animals.
The museum we went through also would not allow photos. It was so much fun, and there was so much we didn't see. We were there for about 3 1/2 hours and by the end the kids were ready to leave. We got annual passes so that we could go back again whenever we can! I can't wait!

We made it back just in time for kickoff!

Miniature Golfing

Trevor mentioned to Nick the other day about wanting to go miniature golfing.... so after the kids got home from school on Friday, we went!

This was the first time Addison really got to be involved. After a quick, and fairly pointless lesson.... she was off and running.

Addison really got the hang of it. She would get so excited when she got the ball in the hole.. whether she hit it in, or if she picked it up and dropped it in (which is what she did the majority of the time) With the exception of her HOLE IN ONE on the third hole!!!! No lie!!!

Trevor was very particular about whose turn it was. At times he got quite upset... but it was tough keeping everyone in line with that many of us... and Addison being one of those. Notice she insisted on wearing her big brother's hat?

Oh, and there's McKenzie looking thrilled as usual.

We all ended up with a hole in one somewhere on the course... Mommy had two, but who's counting?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Real Life Snow White

Like most fun clothing articles I bring home for Addison, i.e. Dance Outfits, her hand chosen Halloween costume is no exception when it comes to wearing them on a daily basis.

1-Her scraped up face is not from being chased through the woods by someone evil... she took a stumble on the sidewalk.
2-She was not given a poisonous apple, it was just her pre-nap snack! I promise she will wake up with in 2 hours!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Dance Class

Today was Addison's first dance class. I signed her up for tap and ballet. She has been so excited to be a ballerina. She has been wearing dance outfits every day since we bought them. Finally, this morning we could actually put them on and GO to dance! However, she was less than thrilled that we couldn't put on our 'tappy shoes' or 'slippy shoes' until we got there. Her outfit was just NOT complete with them on!

But we made it out the door in a cover up and regular shoes... dance bag on our shoulder. Ready for dance! Couldn't wait! So excited! "Hurry up mommy lets go! Are you coming or not? Hurry mommy!"

We got to the studio, changed into our skirt, and tappy shoes..... and then...

REFUSED TO GO INTO THE CLASS!!! (and she wasn't the only one!)
So we watched through the window while Mommy talked it up and watched all the other (3) little girls have SO. MUCH. FUN!
The instructor came out every few minutes to see if they were ready to join them... but we declined twice.... but on the third try, she finally went in!!!!

And do you think it has anything to do with me bribing her with an ice cream treat after dance class? It has ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to do with me bribing her with ice cream. Does that bother me? NO! I was just thrilled to get her to go in!!!!

(Addison is 2nd from the left)

She did a great job! Then it was slippy shoe time!
I had Tyler with me so I was able to catch a few moments on video...

The last 20 minutes they did acrobatic stuff... with the mini trampoline, and mats. Unfortunately, Tyler was DONE with being good, and decided to walk all over the waiting area... so there are no photos or videos of that paralyzingly cute part!

First Day of School

Well, I survived... this morning we sent off 2 kiddos to school. McKenzie is off to her first day of 7th grade. And Trevor to Kindergarten...

McKenzie leaves 45 minutes earlier, so don't worry, I DID send Trevor to school with shoes... I just had to grab him quick from his breakfast to have a 'group' photo before Kenzie ran out the door. Some friends were waiting for her outside the door, so you can imagine how embarressing this was for her.
Then it was time to walk down to the bus stop for the elementary bus.... Trevor was so excited! He was up early asking me if it was time to wake up for school yet.... (not yet Trevor)....

We met a new family that just moved in up the street from us. They have 8, count them, 8 kids! So of course, when they come walking down the sidewalk with 5 kids in tow, who's the kid that yells out "WHOA! That's a lot of kids!!!!" ..... Trevor.

Here comes the bus!
He was so excited to take his lunch too!
Going... going....
(he did stop and wave back to me before going up the bus steps)

And there were no tears!!! Yay me!