Friday, July 31, 2009

Home Sweet Home

My fabulous husband sent me a gorgeous tropical arrangement on the left. His sister and her family also sent a beautiful and bright floral arrangement!
Thank you!

Tyler and I made it home Thursday afternoon. Here he is taking a quick nap at the hospital before we were discharged.

And now awake ready to go.
All dressed up in his homecoming outfit.

My welcome home committee consisted of Grandma, Trevor & McKenzie. They showed up to help load up and bring us home.

Trevor wanted to hold Tyler while we waited for the nurse.

And since the nurse took a little while, the kids decided to try out my hospital bed.

It went UP and DOWN and UP and DOWN....
they were having WAY TOO MUCH FUN.

Trevor informed me they had been busy making lots of surprises for me when I got home. He was instructed NOT to tell me ANYTHING about it. I sat with him in the back while we drove home. I tried to get some of the surprises out of him on the way, but I got scolded by him "Mommy, you'll just have to wait until we get home!" So I begged, "Please, just tell me one little surprise?!?!" So he said, "OKAY..." and he leaned in toward me and whispered in my ear:

"I love you mommy".

Awwww.... and I didn't ask for anything more.

This is what we saw when we pulled into the driveway. Blue "It's A Boy" balloons on the mailbox...

Welcome Home sign from Trevor in the front window...

Decorated door by McKenzie...

Tons of balloons hanging from the ceiling...

And streamers and a CONGRATULATIONS sign in the entry way.
Align Center
I got a fabulous delivery from a friend from Cookies By Design, and a gorgeous bouquet from another friend that she made from plants in her own backyard!
Thank you!

I have an amazing family and amazing friends! We had a delicious supper delivered by my friend Kim, so our first evening home was so relaxing! Thank you everyone for all your help and for thinking of me.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh Baby!

Good Morning!
We had a great first night. Tyler mingled with the nurses last night while mommy got some much needed rest. He came back to the room to eat. The nurse said he is such a good baby. Never fussed much and slept great with his binkie. He is fascinated with his little fingers, so between feedings, his binkie keeps him content.

I took these pictures this morning. It's amazing how much they change in just one night.


I just love his little feet.

And his toes are SO LONG!


Tyler James
Born Tues. July 28th
Castle Medical Center

8 pounds 7 ounces
21 inches long

Nick was able to get to a computer during labor and be a part of the big day via SKYPE! Here is Tyler with his mommy and daddy just minutes old!

The kids got to come meet their new brother just a couple hours after he was born. Trevor was real quiet and reminded us all to hush as his little brother slept. McKenzie just couldn't get enough of him.Me and my kiddos. All FOUR of them now!
And I have to admit I was thrilled with Addison's reaction to the new baby! She just loved pointing out his eyes and nose and he must have gotten a million kisses from her in the short time they visited.
She even ASKED ME if she could hold the baby. The expression on her face was nothing short of pure PRIDE as she held her baby brother.
Even Trevor decided to hold him after a while. He was very gentle and we talked about when mommy was coming home.
Proud Grandma Sharon
Alaina even stopped by later with my weakness (Oatmeal Creme Pies) per Nick's request. He always brings me a box of these after I deliver. Crazy tradition you could say!
After our company, Tyler filled his tummy and snuggled on mommy for a while.

I think we'll keep him!
More pictures to come after we get home! We are both doing very well. Just needing some rest before going home to our crazy house! More details later.
Good night!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Nick has finally had a chance to go to the MWR tent on the base to skype. Thanks to a buddy who let him borrow a headset and webcam!!!! He's been so busy he has been too tired, or the communication tent has been shut down due to recent and frequent casualties in the area.

He talked to Trevor and me for a while, then I went and woke up Addison from her nap. I rubbed her cheeks gently to wake her because I didn't want her to be grumpy.... and then whispered..... "Addison, do you want to go see daddy?" And she popped right up and said "YEAH"

So she got to see and talk to daddy too! She smiled and pointed right away and said "DADDY!!" he was just thrilled!

He played with her over the computer pointing out noses and eyes, and ears, etc... then sang itsy bitsy spider, even though he was surrounded by a tent of guys on other computers!

McKenzie and my mom were out getting their hair cut and luckily they came home in time for McKenzie to show daddy her new do! So we all got to see and talk to him for a while!

It was WONDERFUL! I haven't seen him over skype since he left Iraq months ago!

We'll definitely be doing this more often until he comes home!

Site Seeing

This morning we decided to get out of the house and do a little site seeing while the sun was out. It's been rainy quite a bit this past week, so we had to take advantage of the good weather while it lasted!

We drove around the East Shore and stopped at a popular lookout at the blowhole.

Here is Addison checking out the view in her new dress from Grandma (ma-ma).
A last minute attempt at a pic with me and the kids... not all were cooperative!

My mom and McKenzie

My mom and her friend Toni

My crazy windblown hair and Addison walking the railing.

My Girlies
Next stop was Hanauma Bay...

Our last stop was the Pali Lookout.. it was a bit breezy as you can see.

McKenzie & Trevor

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tea Time

My mom flew in Friday night and her friend flew in last night to help out when the baby comes. I am so grateful to have them here! This week I am 39 weeks!!! Baby will be here very soon! I wanted to be able to go do a few fun things with them before baby comes, s0 McKenzie and I took them to "tea" today. We went to a tea room in Kailua called "A Cup of Tea".

We picked out our favorite flavors and enjoyed sipping our own pot of tea. Then also enjoyed soup, salad, tea sandwiches, desserts and scones! We had a great time visiting and trying lots of delicious foods!

Toni ~ Me ~ Mom

McKenzie ~ Mom ~ Me

Here we are posing outside the tea room after we were done!

My friend Julie "Loolie" came and stayed with Trevor and Addison. Thank you "Loolie" for watching the littles for me so we could have a girls' day out! You are the best!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Home from Operation Purple Camp

This afternoon we picked up McKenzie from Operation Purple Camp! They did a quick closing ceremony where they talked about all the fun things they did during the week. Here is McKenzie sitting with her group.

"The Oreos"
(They were the BLACK group)
Some of the things they did this week were:
A boat trip out to the sandbar
Camp games
Overnight stay on the USS Missouri at Pearl Harbor along with a day of military appreciation where they toured Pearl Harbor and watched them raise the flag first thing in the morning.

She shared a tent with the daughter of another Ugly Angel... and said their tent was HUGE!

The kids also got to enjoy 3 meals a day catered by Kinnicke's... which McKenzie said was SO FABULOUS!!!!

Here is Trevor hanging out in the stroller during the ceremony looking ever so studly in his aviator glasses!!!

Each age group did a cadence that they made up during the week. Here was McKenzie's group's:

Then the leaders got together and did a cadence:

Once we got home, Addison would NOT let McKenzie out of her sight. McKenzie went back to her room to hang out and relax after a long week of exhausting fun, and there were little steps following her, so they chilled out together for a while. Then McKenzie came out and was sitting on the couch.... there was Addison right on top of her.

I think it's safe to say that Addison really missed her big sis this week!

(photo courtesy of Trevor)

We are so glad she had a blast, but are so glad she is home! We all missed her so much!!!