Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Purple People Eater

Addison went for another checkup Monday. We are struggling to get rid of some thrush in her mouth. The Nystatin solution just isn't getting rid of it completely. So, we changed medication. The doctor recommended using a solution called Gentian Violet. So we applied our first application when we got home, and WOW, what a shocker! It was definitely violet! We just have to be very careful because it will stain anything it touches. I'm actually a little worried she'll have a permanent purple mouth, but after several hours, it does wear off. Thank goodness!
But for now, she is my Purple People Eater:

McKenzie decided to cut her hair with a little convincing from Meridith. She didn't go as short as I wanted her to, but she did take off several inches, and she loves it, so I guess that's all that matters!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Photo Shoot by McKenzie

McKenzie set up a photo shoot in Trevor's room yesterday. She hung a white blanket from his bunk bed and requested to have the dressup box.....
I was not allowed in the room during the picture taking. I only saw the evidence on the proofs afterwards. It looks like they both had too much fun! Especially McKenzie!
Baby & Cowboy (note the uncooked spaghetti in mouth..lol)

Football Player & Tiger
Doctor Turner & UFC Fighter

My ultimate favorite.... My Little Future Marine Pilot

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Life is Complete

I ran McKenzie to the doctor this morning for a cough and sore throat. I just didn't want to take a chance and let it go over the weekend without getting it checked!

The strep tests came back negative, so we left with Sudafed and Motrin.

Then we took care of a few errands. We went out the back gate to head to the bank to deposit some checks, and we were driving past the grocery store and McKenzie yells out GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! I turned a hard left into the parking lot and ran over to the girls at their little table outside the store. I must have looked like a crazed pregnant lady craving their goods, eyes huge and grinning....

The little girl scout loaded my purchases into a box, because yes, I filled up a box with my order, and she said, wow this is a lot of cookies! I responded, YES! They are my favorite!

So, I am stocked up on my favorite Samoas in their purple boxes and a small selection of other flavors. Mmmmmm... I'm happy.

Big Outing to the Beach

Today, some of us ventured out to the Ko Olina beaches, but after arriving, and waiting over 10 minutes in line to drive through the security gate, we were turned away due to "no more parking stalls available" because of all the people who had the same fabulous idea we had. We got turned away!!!! So, we regrouped, and headed to an Army Recreation Park just a few miles away. It was awesome!

So here we are:
4 Moms + Meridith
11 Children
and....1 Daddy

We laughed as we walked to our beach spot, people staring at us, looking like a polygamist family on a beach outing.

We smothered ourselves in sunscreen, and then shoved some lunch in the kids mouths before they ran off to play in the sand, never again to have clean enough hands to eat later in the day.

Right away, a crab was found and 'housed' in a bucket and then poked and proded by little monsters as sand and water were added to make a habitat...

Addison playing in the sand before I got her in a floaty and headed to the water with her. The waves were coming in pretty good so it carried us back and forth, she ALMOST fell asleep out in the water, but she fought that off. In fact, she fought the nap feeling ALL DAY.

Hannah & AddisonAlan rented a kayak and took some of the kids out for a little joy ride...
Trevor opted to stay on the beach despite Alan's several attempts to take him out.

McKenzie brought her friend Katelyn, who lives across the street from us, and they were off in the water most of the day, and when taking a break from the water, McKenzie, Katelyn & Robin agreed to let Trevor bury them in the HOT sand...

Then he did a quick demonstration of how to make a sand ball!

We finally packed out around 4pm, and it wasn't until we were about halfway home that this happened:
It was a good day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trevor's Getting Farckles!

Trevor and I are sitting at the table eating lunch together and I happened to notice.....freckles!!! He immediately became very defensive and ran to look in a mirror. Upon his return he said "No Mommy, they are bug bites, not farckles!"

I don't know, I think I'm right! See for yourself...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hale Koa Beach

This afternoon we all packed up and met some friends on base at the Hale Koa Beach. It was a nice breezy day, with a few clouds. Sun, or not, the kids had a super blast!

Trevor played with his best gal pal Helen. I had bought them some new beach toys on my Target Shopping spree, so they had fun breaking those in!

Can you tell she just adores him?

McKenzie and Meridith even tried their hands at kayaking. They did great...

Until Meridith started rocking the boat and making Kenzie a little nervous! But no worries, the water was only thigh high.

Addison even warmed up to the sand and concentrated really hard on filling her bucket with sand.

(Addi's new swimsuit...Another Target purchase)

The Trammell family showed up too, and the kids really enjoyed running on the beach. The girls are a bit "too brave" in the water.
Alan found a little crab in the sand, so the kids were all about making a home for it in the bucket!

At the end of the day, we had the kids warm up on the towels and just chill a while. I didn't bring any dry clothes for Trevor to change into, and he just threw a fit, so the picture below puts a whole new meaning to "Giving someone the shirt (or pants) off your back"...and they kicked the ball around for a while.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break & A Belly Pic

Today marks the first day of many for McKenzie's spring break. She has 2 weeks off. Trevor is just off the second week! I am praying for lots of sunny days so we can go to the beach and get out and do some fun things!!!

It's a windy, partly cloudy day, but McKenzie and Trevor headed to the beach with my friend Gina and her kids. Meridith soon followed.

Addi stayed back to nap while I wait for our handyman to come over and install a new sink disposal....our current one no longer works. Ick.
And...for all of you who have been NAGGING me for a belly pic... Here ya go! Here I am at 21 weeks!!! More than halfway! YAY!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

2 Months Down

It's been 2 Months now since Nick left for Iraq. They are still in Iraq at this time. As soon as I have more details that I can share with you all I will.

5 Months To Go!

A Gorgeous Day

It was a beautiful day today. Trevor got home from preschool and ate his lunch, and pretty much played outside until supper. Addison joined him after she woke up from her nap in the early afternoon. He helped her into the wagon all by himself, loaded her up with toys, and he pulled her around for the longest time. Nice and slow, constantly looking back to make sure she wasn't getting up, or throwing toys overboard. He would catch her throwing toys over and calmly tell her, "Addison, you can not do that. They need to stay in the wagon with you!" And she would just smile and laugh, and wait until he took off and looked away before throwing the next one out! She is such a stinker! But she sat still and never tried to get out while the wagon was moving!

Such a wonderful big brother!

McKenzie even had half the neighborhood kids in the backyard playing. They have too much fun together!!! And it's neat because they are all different ages, yet they usually get along so well and always stop by to play with Trevor and McKenzie.

I've been trying to catch the kids on video lately for Nick. I try to send him a disk with home videos for him to watch on his computer. He can't access the blog completely at work and can't watch the videos, so I thought he would enjoy some clips of the kids playing and talking. Here is one I couldn't help but share. Addi truly adores her Daddy Doll. She loves it. It goes EVERYWHERE with her. I even caught her 'talking' to it the other day. It was more of babbles, but clearly she knew what she was talking about. It was a deep conversation with her Daddy.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Packages for Nick

As some of you may have heard from me or in an email from our FRO (Family Readiness Officer), Nick's squadron is leaving Iraq and headed to Afghanistan. We are all in the dark as to when and where, but Nick has asked if we could hold off on sending any more care packages for now until he is in their new location.

I will let you all know when he is settled. He is hoping to minimize his packing and moving. So, the less he has to worry about, the better! Thank you!!!!

Please continue to keep him in your thoughts and prayers! I'll update you all as soon as we hear anything!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Daddy Dolls & Target!!!!!

The Daddy Dolls I ordered came in the mail today!!! I got the voice recorders a week ago to mail to Nick, so I finally got them sent in his package today. He will record a 10 second message for each doll and mail them back. Then I can stuff them in the doll so that they can hear his voice every time they hug their Daddy Doll.

Addi couldn't keep her hands off hers...

Addison loves to make her daddy dance, and wiggle his head. She giggles when she dances with him.

And then he napped with her this afternoon...
Trevor's words when I gave him his:
"Oh, It's my Daddy! Oh, I love my daddy doll!"

The other exciting event today was my first trip to the Hawaii Target!!!! I picked up Trevor from school and he and Addison and I were on our way! I was able to find some nice little treasures in the store. I also found some tiny rubberbands for Addi's hair.... so when I got home, we tried them out:

Smiling for the camera & Showing off her bellybutton!

Kiss Me I'm UGLY

The squadron got together this evening for a "Kiss Me I'm UGLY" party. We had baked potatoes with all the toppings you could imagine. Plus, a lot of other sides. AND, some super amazing desserts. I was asked to bring some cupcakes, so I colored some white cake batter green, made cupcakes, and topped half of them with some shamrock cookies!

One of the gals made a banner for us to kiss and write a message to our Marines!

I found some bright lipstick and brought it along. I did a quick practice smooch...

...and then kissed the banner and wrote Nick a little message. Don't worry, I signed it with all our names after I took the picture!

Trevor enjoying some dirt cake...

Addi enjoying the rocks...

and Kenzie enjoying the breadsticks!

One of my new plants bloomed today, so I had to snap a picture of it! The flowers are all pink, then they open up to expose a gorgeous purple flower inside. They called it FUSHIA.