Sunday, September 28, 2008

An Iowa Wedding

Addison and I are back in Iowa and just spent the weekend participating in a friend's wedding. Kelly and I were best friends growing up. I was the Matron of Honor and Addison was one of two flower girls.
Kelly & Valera are expecting a little boy, Oliver, in about 6 weeks.Here is Me, Addison, Mom, Dad, and my little sis Meridith
The groom's Russian speaking brother, Alex, and me, the MOH!My Beautiful Little Flower Girl
The back of the was so adorable!Here is Will Clausen, the ring bearer, with Addison. He is a son of one of my friends from high school. With the help of his daddy, he pulled two infant flower girls in a beautifully decorated wagon!Is that the face of a jealous flower girl, or what!?
One of the responsibilities of the MOH is to deliver a speech, which I did, shaking the whole time. I'm not real good at speaking in front of a large group, but I made it through!Me, Addison, and the beautiful bride.And what's a reception without a little swing dancing with my lil' sis!?Me and Alex, the Best Man.My Dad and Addison beind silly at the reception.There were 10 of us from the class of 1999! It was a blast to get caught up with everybody! I only wish I could have had more time to visit with everyone! We were a crazy bunch!Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Valera Petrulevich!!!!

Addi's New Push Toy & All About Trevor

We've had grandma and grandpa Turner out this past week. They got Addison a push toy so that she can improve on her walking skills and start walking soon! Here are a couple pictures of grandpa attempting to put it together. By the time is was finally assembled, it was bedtime for everyone, so I didn't get any pictures of Addison playing with it.
Trevor had his first homework assignment this month. He had to fill out a "Me Page". He had to write his own name at the top, and show some of his favorites. We had fun putting it together, and as you can see by the picture below that he is very proud of his poster!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trevor's Preschool Pictures

Trevor brought home his pre-school pictures today! I was very happy with how they turned out. The company that did the pictures makes up several sheets of pictures, then send the packet home with you to decide what you want.

So, now I am stuck deciding which pose I like best!

What a handsome little guy, eh?
(pardon the scuff on the pictures from my scanner)


This weekend was a jam packed weekend of painting, cleaning, painting and...organizing. Nick left for Yuma Sunday night, so his goal was to finish...yes, finish the garage.

After a little touch up sanding of some drywall, Nick broke out the paint sprayer and went to work. With the help of his mom and dad, the garage was completed Sunday afternoon. Judy painted all the trim of the doors and windows, and Larry put on all the faceplates on the outlets and helped Nick clean and organize.

He finished in just enough time to finish putting up drywall in the back bathroom, installing the vanity, and finish up a few other things before we had supper, played with the kids, pack for 7 weeks and then headed to the airport. Nick doesn't waste a single minute!
And there you have it!

Nick made it to Yuma late Monday morning. He got all settled, and checked in, and will get started flying on Friday. It should be a pretty laid back time for him. He will be doing a lot of flying, but when he isn't flying, he pretty much has time to relax and enjoy himself, which, I hope he takes advantage of. He has really been working hard to get a lot of things done around the house before he left this time.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Crazy Weekend

Here is Trevor's version of Where's Waldo? Can you find him?
Here he is sandwiched between two 'jelly sacks'! (bean bags)
Nick's parents got here Thursday evening. It has been non stop ever since. Nick Took Thursday and Friday off so that he could get some things done around the house and spend some extra time with his folks while they are here.

Grandma & Addison watching daddy work in the garageNick's goal before he leaves tonight is to get his garage painted and organized. As of this morning, it's half painted and things are gradually getting put back to where they belong.
We've had some spontaneous showers throughout the fact, as I'm typing this, it just started raining! Ironic! The waterfalls were rockin' the other day, so I tried to get a few pictures of them. It was pretty hazy from the clouds, though. Here are a couple pics I took from our backyard with the zoom lense.The tile guy was here Saturday morning into the afternoon and finished the tile in the back bathroom. Our plumber will be here on Monday to plumb in the sink and toilet and put on the shower head, etc.

I'll wait to post pictures until it's cleaned up. I need to go clean the grout up with some vinegar and water.

And, there is still some taping and mudding to be done in there before we can paint and call it completed! Soon, though, soon!

Nick leaves tonight for Yuma, Arizona for 5 weeks of WTI instructing! He'll be flying with the new WTI students. When that is done, he'll stay there and be joined by the rest of the squadron to do some desert training in preperation for their upcoming deployment back to Iraq. That is another 2 weeks. Poo! :(

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Bathroom Sneak Peek!

Just a little taste of what to expect from the tile in the back bathroom!!!

Glass Bottom Boat - Kaneohe

Here was Trevor's first bus ride! A fieldtrip to the Glass Bottom Boat on Kaneohe Bay to see fish and turtles and beautiful coral!
Daddy and Trevor getting on the bus!
And here are the boys on the boat!
Trevor and his best friend Hudson looking down at the glass bottom at the coral.
Some of the fish that came up to the boat when they fed them.
The skull of a sea turtle
Closeup of a sea turtle just off the boat!
Daddy, Trevor, Hudson, and his mommmy Sherree on the boat.
Trevor holding 'dinosaur teeth', which I think are really shark teeth! So I guess in a way, he was correct!?

Quick Update

Today is a busy day for EVERYONE in the Turner house...well, except for Addison. Nick is now on leave until he leaves for Yuma on Sunday. He is going for 5 weeks to be an augment instructor for the WTI class this round. The same class he just completed a few months ago! So, today he went on Trevor's first field trip ever to go on the Glass Bottom Boat out here in Kaneohe Bay! Nick took the camera, so I hope to post some pictures from their adventures later.

McKenzie has school pictures today, so after helping me clean the house last night, I chopped a few inches off her long long hair to give her a fresh look!

Me? Today I am rushing around 'trying' to finish up cleaning the house before Nick's parents get here this afternooon, then it's off to the commissary to stock up on some grub...

Addison is currently napping....and as much as I would love to join her, I have too much to do, and not enough time!

The back bathroom is moving along. Our tile guy is coming back this afternoon to finish up the tile...I took a preview picture of what it looks like now, with 1 1/2 walls tiled, but it's still on the camera which is now on the glass bottom boat! So, I'll post pictures of that as well.

September has been a super crazy busy month, and I don't know where it has gone. The rest of the year is going to fly by just as quickly I'm afraid. Our trip home for the holidays is still pending due to the outrageous plane ticket prices. It's sickening.

Check back later, updates are coming your way!!! Alright, enough stalling, now, back to cleaning....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend Warrior

Our tile guy was here this morning to frame out the 'custom' shower pan in the back bathroom off McKenzie's bedroom. He is going to try to come back on Tuesday to start tiling.
This bathroom will look so nice once it's done...but really, that isn't saying much because any improvement to this bathroom will be so wonderful! So I should say, this bathroom is going to ROCK!!!
McKenzie, Trevor & Mommy jammin' on Rockband.
Mommy & Addison rockin' out on the guitar!
Addison kickin' back in her walker. (yawning)
McKenzie putting on the second coat of paint in the hall bathroom. It is now a functioning bathroom, minus the towel rack, toiled paper holder, and shower curtain. We no longer have to hike upstairs to the master bathroom to pee! Yay! It was more a pain because I made everyone wait until Addison was up from her nap because she is such a light sleeper upstairs!!!
Here, McKenzie and Trevor are sanding the bathroom door before applying a fresh coat of paint! I made Nick find Trevor a very important piece of wood that needed to be painted so that Trevor wouldn't feel left out. He did a very good job!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Long Weekend...

Nick started demolition on the 2nd bathroom yesterday on his day of leave. Here are the before pictures: (Isn't it just awful???)
There goes bathtub #2!
...and down the hall!
Today, the plumber is expected to be here any minute to put in the fixtures to the main shower, toilet and hook up the vanity! Then he will start working on the 2nd bathroom...

Nick and I did the ever so painful mudding and taping in the main bathroom hoping we could get the painting done before this morning...but we didn't get to the painting.

Three guys in Nick's squadron had a wetdown for getting promoted to Lt. Commander and Captains, so we dropped the kids off at our friend Sherree's and headed down to Waikiki to help celebrate! The night went a little later than planned, so we weren't in any condition to paint when we got home.

McKenzie started Volleyball practice this week. She goes twice a week after school and in a few weeks will start to have games. She enjoyed it last year and wanted to do it again this year!

I signed Trevor up for Tumble Bus Hawaii at school. It comes every Thursday for the kids to play in each week. I didn't have him signed up for last month and he was SO disappointed when he couldn't go on it. So I made sure to get him in this month! He got a t-shirt and a sticker adn a stamp. And it was all he talked about when I picked him up that day.

Trevor had his school pictures Friday. He was so excited. He wore a new shirt from grandma "Bob" and had mommy cut his hair the night before. We even practiced our smiles! Nick picked him up that day and asked Trevor if he smiled big for his pictures, Trevor laughed and said "No Daddy, I just smiled small!"

More updates to come soon...