Friday, October 28, 2011

Tyler Does NOT Like Halloween Masks

We are preparing for a super Hallween Bash for this weekend.  And you can't have a Halloween Party without a scary mask or two....

McKenzie wanted to have a big Halloween party with a bunch of her friends from school, so Nick has this grand plan to dress up like a 'stuffed' scary man out front and scare the kids as they come over... so McKenzie had a little fun (on Tyler's behalf) with the mask.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Boy Scout Camping Weekend

Trevor and Nick went on their first campout this weekend with Trevor's Boy Scout Pack.

Saturday, they loaded up their gear and met the pack down in Fredericksburg at a campground.

After their opening ceremony, they learned about flag etiquette. Then they cleared an area and learned how to set up their tent.  They found a spot that was flat, cleared it out, and made sure it was out of the wind.

They got to fish off the shore.

Played some sports...

Took an afternoon nap in the sun...
A campfire dinner made up of hot dogs and burgers, beans and chips.  Followed by s'mores!  Then the kids did skits and played "Assassins and Zombies"

They also got their belt loops for the month! Trevor got SOCCER & COMMUNICATIONS!
They bedded down in their tents for the night at about 9:30.... temperatures dipped down to the high 30s and I worried they would freeze!!!! I called to check in with them before they went to bed and Trevor told me all about his day! He was having so much fun! I was afraid he was going to be cold, because when I took Lilly outside before bed, I could see my breathe! But they had nice warm sleeping bags and extra socks, stocking hats and blankets!

The next morning they were up bright and early at 6am! Breakfast was donuts and hot chocolate! Then they packed up and headed home!

Trevor was all smiles when he walked in the door back at home! FUN WEEKEND!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trevor playing chimes in church

Trevor played in his first chimes performance today at church!  They have been practicing after church for several weeks and he was so excited (and nervous) to play this morning!

He is the short one in the middle to the right of the director (who is also Addison's preschool teacher... Mrs. B!)

"Heavenly Chimes" playing "How Great Thou Art"

Friday, October 14, 2011

Popcorn for the Pack!

Trevor is having a blast being a Tiger Cub this year! He is learning about being a boy scout, and is very excited about their camping trip coming up next weekend!  It might be a bit chilly, but he is really excited about it!  I'm really excited that Nick will actually be home to go to a Boy Scout function with him... especially the overnight camping trip!  I've been a good Tiger Cub Mama the past few weeks and have taken Trevor to his meetings. I'm not the only mom there, but we are definitely outnumbered by the dads!

At tonight's meeting he learned how his pack can earn money for fun stuff like camp, and one of their goals this year is to earn enough money for a Pinewood Derby timer.  The track was donated to them last year, so they are hoping to purchase a timer for the big event in January!

Nick says that Trail's End popcorn is the best there is, so he was probably the most excited about the popcorn sales!

If you'd like to support Trevor and his pack, you can CLICK HERE to order from Trevor online.  Your order will be shipped to you directly! He will get credit for your purchase!

He is able to track his sales online so I will keep you posted on his earnings!

Thank you in advance for your support!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lilly is 4 months...

Lilly is now 4 months old and growing fast! When we got her she was just under 15 pounds... at her checkup a couple weeks ago, she weighed in at 26 pounds!!! Just 3 pounds less than Tyler!
The kids are having a blast with her and love teaching her all kinds of tricks!

She can:


 I've been trying to teach her to STAY... but its' difficult to get very far out before she pounces....

 A big rule in the house was to keep the dog OFF the furniture... I came into the room to see this:
So I guess we'll allow her on Daddy's chair... and we'll see how long he'll allow that to go on! I don't think it will be long before Lilly will claim it as her own... she is very stubborn and thinks she rules the house, so Daddy will just have to deal with that one on his own!

Clark Farm Pre-School Field Trip

Addison's preschool took a trip to Clark Farms in Stafford to play in their pumpkin patch playground for lack of better words to explain the fun land the farm has created for families!
We took the kids there last fall to get our pumpkins... and it was just as fun this time around!
There were chickens roaming freely around the farm... Tyler chased them with the other boys in Addison's class.
 One brave little girl snatched one up and squealed with delight at her catch.. until it squacked and flapped its way free!  Wow!
 Short conversation with the donkey...

And the majority of our time was spent in the 'corn box'....

Tyler would stand in this totem of pumpkins and GROWL at all the kids going by. I couldn't catch him in a growl moment, but you can imagine his face, I'm sure!

 The two climbed the hay bail tunnel.... then stopped to fix Tyler's hat... awwww.

There was a wooden castle/bridge to run through to avoid the muddy ravine going through the farm... which Tyler decided he'd try running through it once to see if he could make it through the mud.... the mud won. 

A 10 second break on the little swing....
 Then it was time to try our hand at the maze.....

 A short ride on the straw donkeys to nowhere....

 The kids got to pick out a little pumpkin to take home with them...
 And how can you go to a pumpkin patch without taking a photo with Cinderella in her pumpkin carriage?!?!?

And I can't rotate the photo... but as you can see, she stands about 3 1/2 feet tall! 
We spent the morning running around and having a blast.