Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Addi in the Window

Nick was outside working (of course) this weekend so I sat Addison in the chair by the window to watch him. She was absolutely fascinated! She would see him walk past the window and she would practically launch herself at the window with excitement! So I had to back up and take the picture as fast as I could so she wouldn't launch herself through the glass!

I even ran outside (while Nick came in to stand gaurd) to show what she looked like on the outside...
After 2 months of Nick being gone, my poor mulchless flower bed got some much needed mulch FINALLY! I had every intention to load up the sexy van with a trash can and fill it up with mulch and complete it myself while Nick was gone, but my kids had other ideas for me. It's a good thing we did it first thing in the morning, because as you can see, it rained soon after!


Jan said...

Gosh can she get any cuter?

Phil Turner said...

What a cute fat baby. It must be in the genes to have fat babies or Nick and I got lucky with good mamas. My quess we got lucky. Keep the posts coming.