Thursday, May 1, 2008

Playgroup at Wyatt's

This morning we had our 'every other week' playgroup at Wyatt's house! We had a new gal join us from one of our sister squadrons so it was nice to meet a new spouse and her 9 month old son! That made for a lot of babbling this morning...

Pictured above is Wyatt Attwood, Addison & Lil' Richie Matyskiela

Addison did much better this week about being a team player. She sat in the chair a while and then even laid on the blanket with the others and joined in on all the binky snatching, kicking, and grabbing!

Here is our handsome host, Wyatt, who bailed on us midway through the morning for a nap! So we weren't able to get a group shot today. Hopefully next time around!

Overall it was a great morning. I think Addison is becoming more aware of her surroundings and wanting to participate a little more! Thank goodness...Mommy's arms are really needing a break!

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Jan said...

I think Addi is a real charmer!