Monday, October 24, 2011

Boy Scout Camping Weekend

Trevor and Nick went on their first campout this weekend with Trevor's Boy Scout Pack.

Saturday, they loaded up their gear and met the pack down in Fredericksburg at a campground.

After their opening ceremony, they learned about flag etiquette. Then they cleared an area and learned how to set up their tent.  They found a spot that was flat, cleared it out, and made sure it was out of the wind.

They got to fish off the shore.

Played some sports...

Took an afternoon nap in the sun...
A campfire dinner made up of hot dogs and burgers, beans and chips.  Followed by s'mores!  Then the kids did skits and played "Assassins and Zombies"

They also got their belt loops for the month! Trevor got SOCCER & COMMUNICATIONS!
They bedded down in their tents for the night at about 9:30.... temperatures dipped down to the high 30s and I worried they would freeze!!!! I called to check in with them before they went to bed and Trevor told me all about his day! He was having so much fun! I was afraid he was going to be cold, because when I took Lilly outside before bed, I could see my breathe! But they had nice warm sleeping bags and extra socks, stocking hats and blankets!

The next morning they were up bright and early at 6am! Breakfast was donuts and hot chocolate! Then they packed up and headed home!

Trevor was all smiles when he walked in the door back at home! FUN WEEKEND!!!!

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