Friday, October 14, 2011

Popcorn for the Pack!

Trevor is having a blast being a Tiger Cub this year! He is learning about being a boy scout, and is very excited about their camping trip coming up next weekend!  It might be a bit chilly, but he is really excited about it!  I'm really excited that Nick will actually be home to go to a Boy Scout function with him... especially the overnight camping trip!  I've been a good Tiger Cub Mama the past few weeks and have taken Trevor to his meetings. I'm not the only mom there, but we are definitely outnumbered by the dads!

At tonight's meeting he learned how his pack can earn money for fun stuff like camp, and one of their goals this year is to earn enough money for a Pinewood Derby timer.  The track was donated to them last year, so they are hoping to purchase a timer for the big event in January!

Nick says that Trail's End popcorn is the best there is, so he was probably the most excited about the popcorn sales!

If you'd like to support Trevor and his pack, you can CLICK HERE to order from Trevor online.  Your order will be shipped to you directly! He will get credit for your purchase!

He is able to track his sales online so I will keep you posted on his earnings!

Thank you in advance for your support!!!

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