Saturday, November 26, 2011

Addison & Lilly.... quite a pair!

This past week has been quite exciting, and scary...
Lilly started not feeling well last week and wasn't able to keep any food and water down.  After more than 24 hours of that, I took her to the animal hospital in Fredericksburg to get her checked out. I was afraid her puppy habits had gotten the best of her and was worried she had gotten into something and ate something she shouldn't have.... 

An x-ray and a big vet bill later, there was nothing they could see, so they loaded her up with fluids, and sent us home.

The next morning, I tried giving her some water, but again, nothing stayed down, so we were off to the animal hospital again...

A barium swallow test with x-ray still showed nothing in her system, so they loaded her with some fluids since she was dehydrated, gave her some anti-nausea medication, and sent us home again, but not without another big bill. OUCH!

We felt so bad, she just looked miserable, and was definitely NOT acting like herself.

She loves napping with Nick on his chair, even though we had agreed that she wasn't allowed on any furniture!

I had just gotten back from Lilly's 2nd visit to the vet, fed the kids supper.  They headed downstairs to play before bedtime... and then I heard a loud THUD and screaming...


She had fallen off our pool table and bit her lip from the inside AND the outside... I thought she had bitten completely through her lip.

These were taken at the ER.

The doc was great and just used glue to seal it shut.  She was a real trooper!
The next day it already looked so much better... just a little swollen!

 Addison is very good at stealing the camera and running around the house taking pictures of anyone and anything... I thought I'd share a few (out of the HUNDREDS) that I though you would get a kick out of!

It's always interesting to go through the pictures after Addison has had the camera... she takes some pretty funny self portraits! LOL

UPDATE ON LILLY: The morning after our double ER visit for Lilly and Addi, Lilly 'passed' a large remnant of Nick's sock when I took her out in the morning!  And ever since then, she has been back to her normal crazy self... we just have to keep an extra close eye on what is left on the floor here at our house!

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Anonymous said...

You know, soft fluffy kittys won't eat "remnants of Nick's socks" and cost you HUGE vet bills .... just sayin .... :)

-- Mary