Thursday, November 3, 2011

Belvedere Plantaion - Part 2

To kick off part 2, I have to share with you the video of Addison on the zipline.

We took the big tractor ride out to the pumpkin fields to choose the perfect pumpkins to take back to our home to carve...

McKenzie and Hannah...
 My boys.
 The 3 littles.
 watching the tractor in the front.

 "This one's mine! okay, this one's mine!"

"Mom, what about this's perfect!"

 Family photo...

Trevor loves his perfect pumpkin!

Silly Addi

We finished our trip off with facepainting!

Tyler smeared his spider eyes just seconds before the photo...

 With our wheel barrow full of pumpkins, and our tummies full of sugar, we waited in the 'pick up' zone for daddy to bring up the van.

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