Saturday, July 7, 2012

California Trip - Day 2

We started our morning out with a delicious breakfast at a local bakery...
we didn't remember to take a photo of our food until it was all gone!

 There were vineyards as far as the eye could see.

 Our first stop for the day, and our favorite of the entire trip, was Domaine Carneros!
 Tiny little baby grapes on the vine...

We opted for the tour and tasting! BEST TOUR EVER!!!
 I learned SO much about wine during the tour thanks to our very entertaining and knowledgeable tour guide, Al, aka A-1 (cheesy, I know, but it fit him well)

 My Mom & ME (pretty sure we were buzzin at this point)
 It was time to fill our empty stomachs with some food, so we stopped at a place that was recommended, the Rutherford Grill, and had amazing food!

 Just across the parking lot was the Beaulieu Vineyard.

 We drove on and stopped at the LMR Winery for a wine and olive oil tasting!

Then across the street to another very cool winery...

 Meridith having fun with the scenery out back...
 ...and I didn't want to be left out...

Can you tell we had been to quite a few wineries by this point??? 

We drove back toward our hotel through the Petrified Forest and took a break before dinner!

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Lesley said...

Zach and I ate at Long Meadow Ranch on our trip to Napa last September! Delicious and really romantic.