Saturday, July 7, 2012

California Trip - Day 3

Our morning started off again for coffee and pastries at the same French Bakery...
then it was on to the Ledson Winery.

It was a gorgeous place! But we had heard the wine was not that great,
so we toured the building and the grounds! Stunning!

NOTE: This was the day we wore our matching Wine shirts!

Next stop... Chateau St. Jean
We did a tasting, and had fun in the gift shop!
 We absolutely could not pass up the opportunity for this photo op next to the  giant asparagus!

 Um... not sure.
 I try to take 'candid' pictures, but as soon as the camera goes up, Mom and Angie go into J.Crew Magazine mode.....

B.R. Cohn Winery

 It wasn't until after we took these photos that we saw the sign that says DO NOT TOUCH THE CARS. Whoops. I blame the wine.

We headed back to Healdsburg and had lunch at the Red Grape.

Best. Pizza. Ever.

Then we walked around the square and did some window shopping!
And came across the Wine Cork Cow!

We felt this was a bit of a deja vu from last year's NYC trip!
Remember Wall Street?

We made our way out of wine country and drove along the coast as we headed back to San Fransisco!

 I think it was at this point, that Meridith leaned over the seat to take some pictures out of my window.. and squished a banana all over her jeans and the seat of the car!

"EEEWW! What is all over my le......omg. I smashed that banana! HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

I kid you not... these firefighters were chasing cows.  Baffling. And yet, entertaining!

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Lesley said...

Small world--my best friend from high school used to date Dan Cohn, son of B.R. Cohn. He even came to my wedding as her date (and brought us a couple of bottles of wine as a present).