Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We made it to Turner Mountain

We made it down to Nick's folks yesterday and the kids have been running around the farm since we parked the car (ok, it was a van). They just love running free and being outside. Kenzie has been driving the mower, with Trevor at her side, only for actual mowing! Grandpa Turner just doesn't understand what can be so fun about driving around on that thing, but they are just having a BLAST! I'll try to catch a picture of them and put it up here...Kenzie has to be told to slow down from time to time, so any pics I may get may be a big blur! hahaAnd of course being at grandma's means eating anything that you can get your hands on...and it didn't take long before the kids found the ice cream stash!
Nick lay Addison on the grass and she did pretty well! It was such a nice day out.

The best part about being at Turner Mountain for Addison is that she has a great nap buddy!

We will be here all week with a big Turner Mountain Family Reunion Saturday so stay tuned for more pics!

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Jan said...

oh those are great Kim! I know everyone is having a great time!