Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome Home...

After being on vacation for 3 weeks...we arrived home from the airport Wednesday night around 9:30PM. As I carried Addison to the front door to unlock it, I heard running water inside the house. Then I looked down at the concrete by the front door and noticed it was wet...

I screamed at Nick as I tried to turn on some lights, but we had shut off the power to the house while we were away, so as Nick ran into the house, all I could hear was him splashing his way back to the bathroom. Apparently, the hot water supply line blew and was shooting water throughout our house from underneath our bathroom sink.

This is what we came home to...

Our entire main level of the house was soaked...and under a couple inches of water in some places. My rugs were soaked and smelled musty and awful!

The water had literally 'floated' our new flooring we had just installed less than a year ago. The bedrooms in the back of the house would gush water up from the seams when you walked back there.
We called in a favor from a friend who came over and helped move out all the furniture to the garage and back lanai.
The next morning, the insurance company sent out a team of people to help clean up. They had our flooring out of the entire house (minus the new edition) before noon. It was sickening to walk in the house to see the old ugly linoleum we had worked so hard on countless weekends to cover up. I had flash backs of when we first moved in.
After the flooring was out and the water vacuumed up, they set up huge industrial fans to dry out the baseboards. Along with the biggest dehumidifiers I have ever seen. I think we counted just under 30 fans and 3 dehumidifiers.

They thought by the way things smelled, that the water was probably running for at least 2-3 days.
This is the office where I am sitting right now trying to tune out the really load roaring of these fans.My kitchen is a mess. The fridge and stove have been pulled out so the fans can dry the floor underneath them.So...the past few nights, we have been secluded to our upstairs bedroom. They sealed off our windows with plastic downstairs and we have to keep our doors shut to keep our the humidity. We hope everything will be dried out by Monday so we can get the loud fans out and move a few things back in the house. Nick and I went flooring hunting last night to try to find replacement flooring since the brand we originally put in is no longer available on the island. And you better believe I am NOT waiting 6-8 weeks for it to be shipped out here.

The clean up crew comes back daily to check on things, and they keep bringing in more fans each time!

We'll keep you all posted on what will happen next!

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