Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekend Warrior Part 1

This morning we had great news from the restoration company who was drying out our house. They came this morning to check on things and found that the baseboards were all, that meant they packed up their 30 some ear piercing fans and super hot dehumidifiers and left our house nice and quiet!

We brought back in most of the furniture and finally feel like we have our house back, although it's not quite the same as we'd hoped. But soon, we hope to get the flooring installed---again!

In the meantime, I am sorting through things so we can have a garage sale next weekend. Nick demanded I go through some 'crap' and get rid of it. He was not happy to have to move all my 'things' out of the closet in such a hurry like he did! And he commented that all that 'stuff' was not coming back in the house!

Nick put up drywall in the office, since I didn't get to that during his deployment to Iraq. Tomorrow he has plans to replace the old windows in the bedrooms and put drywall in the last bedroom, another project I didn't get to while he was in Iraq.

Trevor has been Nick's right hand man...and tonight, after a couple successful days of pears, Addison tried carrots!

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