Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Helping Daddy & Applesauce

Nick chopped {and by chopped I mean used his new chainsaw} some fire wood for his chiminea he got a while back.  It's finally warm enough to go outside to do it.  So, of course, the kids helped:

Trevor is very serious about his work:

While the kids helped Daddy, Mommy force fed introduced fruit to Tyler.  He has been eating cereal for some time and has experienced sweet potatoes.  He's not too thrilled about them. So, our trial today with applesauce looked a little like this:

"Oooh yummy! Cereal!"

"Uh... this is NOT cereal...."

And now, this is Tyler clamping his mouth shut with each attempt:

Just look at that determination!!!
But I did manage to get a decent meal in him after teasing with the binky to get him to open his mouth with each spoonful. We are hoping for longer sleeping periods at night...... *yawn*......


Krista said...

What a cutie! *yawn* That's what we're hoping for too =)

Jan said...

that is pretty cute!