Friday, January 1, 2010

Big Bubbly Bath

My sister and her family have been here this week. The kiddos all jumped in the tub the other night for a giant bubble bath. They all made Santa beards and were screaming saying "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

We also attempted to take the train to D.C. earlier this week but the AMTrak fares were RE-DICULOUS, so we opted to wait until later in the week until Nick was off work and could go with us, and leave earlier in the morning and take the commuter train for 1/4 of the cost.

So, instead, we ate some pizza,

and then toured the National Museum of the Marine Corps just outside the base.

The kids stood in a sound booth to hear what it is like to be yelled at by a drill seargeant.

And then Angie tried and successfully lifted a fully loaded pack. (supposedly weighing 120 pounds) we decided it really wasn't that heavy. But oh well.

Then Jeromy and I tried our aim with laser M16s in the shooting range. One of us got 89% and the other 64% and I'll leave it at that.

But Angie trumped us with the big guns in the Vietnam display...

Nick was too busy flying to join us that day... but he did fly over the shopping center where we were just finishing up our ice cream treat. And I think THAT (the fly by, not the ice cream) was the high light of our day!

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