Monday, January 25, 2010

Under the {Beautiful} Weather

It's a beautiful day today... even though it's raining. Why? Because we woke up to fabulous 62 degrees!!!

I opened up the kitchen doors while the kids ate breakfast and we watched the rain clouds fly by. Trevor said:

"Mom, the clouds are flying by really fast because the rest of the world needs rain too. Like America, Yew Nork, the South... and Dino. You know Dino is a place, right mom? We just haven't been there before."

*He later admits to making up Dino*

Nick is recovering from the flu...and Addison and I coughing like a couple barking dogs. I think it will be good to open up the house and let some fresh air in today! Just keep your fingers crossed that keeping Nick quarantined in our giant master bedroom will keep the rest of us from getting the flu.


Jan said...

ah geez, he has had a cough for a while now....hope the rest of you don't get it! Get out the Lysol!!! :)

Ladners'Latest said...

Hope you *ALL* are feeling better soon!

Krista said...

Don't you sometimes wish you could get "sick" and quarantine yourself to the bedroom? =) I know I do. Stay well!