Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fieldtrip to D.C.

McKenzie's 6th grade class took a fieldtrip to D.C. yesterday. My Mom and I chaperoned! It was a super hot day, but we had fun running around D.C. with our 5 kids for the day. Yup! It was just me, my mom, a map and 5 6th graders.... on our own.... seeing the sites. Crazy, huh? At least the kids we had were well behaved!

We started by seeing all the memorials and monuments:

Korean War Memorial
Lincoln Memorial
At the base of the steps at the Lincoln Memorial with the Washington Monument sticking out of McKenzie's head. (One of the kids took this pic for us!)
Vietnam Memorial
WWII MemorialWorld War Memorial
The squirrels came out of the trees practically begging for food. So the kids gladly shared their chex mix.
Lunch Break under the tree by the Washington Monument
Washington MonumentMe & McKenzie
McKenzie & Grandma
Then we walked over to the Smithsonian Museum of American History as well as the Museum of Natural History.

And what's a fieldtrip to D.C. without buying a very important Washington D.C. souvenir... like a cute little stuffed giraffe with great big puppy dog eyes!
Then it was back to the charter buses for the ride home. Mom and I drove up on our own, so as soon as we loaded the kids on their bus (1 of 9), we walked back to our truck and had a nice quiet drive home. :)

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to do that in a couple weeks! Not to mention all the clarinet playing and sore lips... ~~ Sue