Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grandma's Magic Touch

We took Grandma to the airport this afternoon. She's on her way back to Iowa... But not before enduring another HOT and STICKY and HOT... did I mention HOT softball game of McKenzie's at high noon today. Holy Hotness!!!

We had to bug out a little early in order for Grandma to make her flight, so the outcome of that game is yet to be heard. We were 5-5 after the 2nd inning. But McKenzie played 1st base and had the first hit on her team. The pitcher was walking all the others.

We had lots of fun with Grandma the last few days. We ate watermelon...
And more watermelon...
a little sweet corn, and tried out some cupcakes from a new bakery down the road... as you can see, little hands got a hold of some before I could snap some pics.
Tyler is very good about laying down for naps and bedtime, so we rarely 'have to' rock him to sleep. But when grandma starts humming and rocking Tyler, he just drifts off to la la land.
Doesn't he look so sweet?
Grandma also brought the kids "The Giving Tree" and she has read it several times during her visit. So last night, before the kids went to bed, she read it to them one more time.

With Nick gone on a lift, it's just me and the kids again for a few days...

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time with your Mom in town. And yes it has been HOT! Let' all move back to Hawaii :)

Julie S.