Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hot Day = Pool

Sunday's weather put us up in the 90's. It...was...hot! So we cleaned up the pool and filled it up for early afternoon swimming.
Oh yes, and XXL giant chocolate chip cookie eating.... courtesy of our baker, McKenzie. And YES, she ate it all...
Tyler wasn't too thrilled about keeping a hat on...
and this is what happens when the stool you are sitting on doesn't quite clear the top of the pool water...
Tyler, nearly falling asleep while Mom dunked him up and down and rocked him in the water...
(i felt the burn!!!!)
Trevor entertaining his little brother.
Addison and neighbor, Ezlahrya a.k.a. "Poochie"
Monday, the boys enjoyed a new slip n' slide next door.
And McKenzie and Maliah watched 2 baby robins hatch in a nest below our deck. They even fed them worms... they were some very proud mamas.

"Aaron" & "Devon"

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