Friday, July 16, 2010

Sky Ranch

On Sunday, we went up to Baker, FL to the ever so famous "Sky Ranch". I can only describe this place as a little piece of heaven on Earth. Picture, if you will, off in the country, a long grass runway, lined by private hangars with homes built inside them. Sky Ranch is a community of pilots and their spouses, the most nicest, generous people you will ever meet.
*Many of them sent Nick packages while deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan.

Soon after arriving, and getting a look around, Nick says to me, "What do you think? Can't you see us living like this when we retire?" His eyes wide with a huge smile... how could I say no?

I regret not taking a better picture with more hangars and the runway to get a better idea of where we were.

The golf carts came out of everywhere from all across the runway, carrying goodies to contribute to the potluck meal we were about to enjoy! McKenzie mentioned to us that she thought we ought to get a golf cart too! She thinks it would be fun to cruise around in one of those... she also didn't mind pointing out all the Cameros and Mustangs we passed on our road trip down here, and telling us she would "totally be okay with a car like that when she turns 16!"

But I digress...

I brought bubbles for the kiddos to play with before we ate...Cousins Thomas & Kali

Tyler & his favorite cousin Alex

Getting to know some of our Turner Mountain fans that keep up with us on the blog from Sky Ranch...
After enjoying a fabulous feast,
We had a surprise entertainer that night.... Elvis!
Groovin' with Elvis
Aunt Julie, Addison and Aunt Jan on the right..
Aunt Julie dancing with Addison, Alyssa & Trevor
Being that it was the 4th of July, fireworks were the evenings' finale, and we enjoyed them very much.

Thank you Sky Ranch for the generous feast and fireworks!

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Ladners'Latest said...

Tell McKenzie that maybe I'll drive the '66 Mustang up there in Oct. We can go cruzin'!