Thursday, July 15, 2010

Visiting Friends

Thursday, we drove over to Pensacola/Milton to visit some long lost friends we knew when we lived in Hawaii, the Trammells'. They moved to Florida in the spring of 2009, and we have missed them terribly! So I knew that visiting them was a MUST when we planned this trip.

Their son Hudson is just a few weeks younger than Trevor, and their daughter Hannah is just a few weeks older than Addison.

I made them both super hero capes, so they had fun with those while we were there, and it made it difficult to get them to be still long enough to catch a picture!But it sure didn't take them long to get back into the way things were... it was as if they were never apart! They had such a blast together!And I had so much fun catching up with my dear friend Sherree! She made us her super yummy Red Beans & Rice! And then she even sent some leftovers home for us to enjoy!
Thank you Sherree and Alan for letting us visit! It was great seeing you all again!

On our way back home, we slipped through the military housing in Milton where we lived for 6 months before moving to Hawaii. It looked the same as the day we moved out!We had to laugh as we reminisced about the memories we had in our little 2 bedroom house there. And how we would never be able to squeeze our family in there now! Gosh, it seems like yesterday.... and yet a million years ago at the same time. How times change!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome that you got to see the Trammell's! Hannah has grown so much and is beautiful. Love the pic of the ol' base housing too!

Julie S.

Ladners'Latest said...

Wow...Hannah looks totally different from the last time I saw her! So glad you guys got to hang out!