Saturday, September 11, 2010

Miniature Golfing

Trevor mentioned to Nick the other day about wanting to go miniature golfing.... so after the kids got home from school on Friday, we went!

This was the first time Addison really got to be involved. After a quick, and fairly pointless lesson.... she was off and running.

Addison really got the hang of it. She would get so excited when she got the ball in the hole.. whether she hit it in, or if she picked it up and dropped it in (which is what she did the majority of the time) With the exception of her HOLE IN ONE on the third hole!!!! No lie!!!

Trevor was very particular about whose turn it was. At times he got quite upset... but it was tough keeping everyone in line with that many of us... and Addison being one of those. Notice she insisted on wearing her big brother's hat?

Oh, and there's McKenzie looking thrilled as usual.

We all ended up with a hole in one somewhere on the course... Mommy had two, but who's counting?

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