Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Dance Class

Today was Addison's first dance class. I signed her up for tap and ballet. She has been so excited to be a ballerina. She has been wearing dance outfits every day since we bought them. Finally, this morning we could actually put them on and GO to dance! However, she was less than thrilled that we couldn't put on our 'tappy shoes' or 'slippy shoes' until we got there. Her outfit was just NOT complete with them on!

But we made it out the door in a cover up and regular shoes... dance bag on our shoulder. Ready for dance! Couldn't wait! So excited! "Hurry up mommy lets go! Are you coming or not? Hurry mommy!"

We got to the studio, changed into our skirt, and tappy shoes..... and then...

REFUSED TO GO INTO THE CLASS!!! (and she wasn't the only one!)
So we watched through the window while Mommy talked it up and watched all the other (3) little girls have SO. MUCH. FUN!
The instructor came out every few minutes to see if they were ready to join them... but we declined twice.... but on the third try, she finally went in!!!!

And do you think it has anything to do with me bribing her with an ice cream treat after dance class? It has ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to do with me bribing her with ice cream. Does that bother me? NO! I was just thrilled to get her to go in!!!!

(Addison is 2nd from the left)

She did a great job! Then it was slippy shoe time!
I had Tyler with me so I was able to catch a few moments on video...

The last 20 minutes they did acrobatic stuff... with the mini trampoline, and mats. Unfortunately, Tyler was DONE with being good, and decided to walk all over the waiting area... so there are no photos or videos of that paralyzingly cute part!


Anonymous said...

Very cute!
Julie S.

Ladners'Latest said...

I'm so proud :)

Anonymous said...

They are so cute - and unpredictable - at this age! Wait until recital time! I can remember when Danica was about 4 or 5, her teacher chose a recital piece that was a latin song with a heavy bass beat ("Tiburon" by Projecto Uno), and Danica used to sit in the corner of the room picking at the dust bunnies, and telling Miss Scarlett that she didn't want to dance because the song gave her a headache!
~~ Sue

Ginny said...

Thank goodness for the ice cream bribe. Very cute!