Thursday, April 28, 2011

Swimming and Jet Skis and Dolphins... OH MY!

We rolled into Nick's sister's house about 3PM on Monday... parked the RV right in front of the house!

Within 3 minutes of our arrival... this is where the kids were...
And each day after that, your best bet was to find them all in the pool.  As for Kenzie, she was either on the jet skis or in the pool...

Tyler found a rocking chair just his size...

The Ladners came over from Drew's parent's in Mississippi... they spent one night with us at Jan's, and had so much fun!  We swam, and rode on the jet skis.
 Tyler had no problem wearing the lifejacket in the pool, in fact, when we tried to take him out, he would get mad if we tried to take it off him!

Kenzie and I took the jet skis for a spin and had a blast!

 Nick even took Trevor and Addison out for a ride.... and Drew was on the other one...
 They drove up on some dolphins in the bay... so we ran out and tried to video tape them so you could see how close they were to the jet skis!!!!


Nick's brother Jim flew in today and so he and Nick went out for a crazy ride on the jet skis... then I hopped on with Nick and there were several times where I was afraid for my life... but it's also been a long time since I've had that much fun!

The kids spent most of the morning and afternoon today in the pool... we had them come in for a break and this is what happened... we started a movie for them and the boys chilled out while Addison fell asleep... standing up... at the chair. No joke!

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LadnersLatest said...

Fun times! Thanks again for having us over. We had a blast! And we miss you already! (And tell Addi, I know how she