Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gone Fishing

Our Spring Break travels started first thing Friday morning as we loaded up a friend of our's RV and headed south. It's a 38 1/2 foot house on wheels!

Our first stop was at the beautiful home of Alaina Ladner's parents, Pam & Scott Barclift in Albertville, Alabama!  We miraculously made the turn up their driveway and parked our beast large RV up by the barn and enjoyed a fabulous evening of delicious food and amazing friends!

I don't have any photos from that night... left my camera in the RV.  We slept our first night in the powerless RV... being amateurs, and having the generator die on us after one minute... made the first night pretty interesting.  But it was late enough, and all we needed was a flashlight to see where the beds were, and we were OUT til morning!

After a wonderful breakfast, we were on our way to Birmingham to Nick's Uncle David and Aunt Judy's for some fishing on Lay Lake!

Our arrival to their home led to another interesting park job in their long narrow driveway... and then we packed up and headed to the lake for 2 nights.

Trevor was the only one who caught any fish.... 3 fish!

Spotted Bass


Uncle David took the kids and Nick for a ride in the Bass Boat...

Then the girls came in and the boys went out for a fast ride... but the wind was a bit much for Trevor, so he got to wear Uncle David's mask... we think he looked liked a Power Ranger!

Later on Addison took a LONG nap with Daddy on the hammock!

And the boys and I went down to look at the water...
 ...and then we kicked the soccer ball around while Kenzie worked on her tan..

We took the pontoon out for a 'tour' of the lake... and all the beautiful homes there are there.
 The kids really enjoyed that!

After a long 2 days of fun... Kenzie and Trevor crashed on the ride back to Uncle David and Aunt Judy's!

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Anonymous said...

We enjoyed your visit so much...when are you coming back? You're welcome anytime! Love, Aunt Judy