Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's Soccer Season!

After only 2 practices, Trevor had his first soccer game of the season Monday night! It was a GORGEOUS DAY!!! Temperatures reached the low 90's... that's right folks, I said 90's!  But there was a pretty hefty wind attached to that. Either way.... LOVED IT!

We got stuck in traffic heading south, but we made it in time! Trevor is the white team, THE SKELETONS, and below, he is the one closest to the ball...
 I'm so proud of how aggressive (in a good way) he is this year. He goes after the ball and pays attention ... well, most of the time.

Here he is kicking the ball.
 Water break...
 This was halftime of the first game... he and this teammates were taking turns doing cartwheels... so this was NOT during the game!
 Apparently, being the goalie during this part of the game, was pretty laid back.

 He stole the ball (sorry if my soccer lingo is off, I'm a newby) and kicked it clear down the field... and so he got a big high five from his coach!

 And of course, we brought along some of Trevor's biggest fans... don't worry, he's sipping water from that foil wrapped container... promise.
 Little Miss ADDI-TUDE....

 Although they don't keep score at this age, you KNOW the kids did... each goal they would scream out the score! Trevor's team (if I am informed correctly) won all their games that day!!!

After the games, we rushed back home to grab a bite to eat and run McKenzie to Hip Hop Class, then it was back home for baths and jammies, then back in the car to pick up McKenzie... then bed.

So forgive me for the delay in posting these pictures. Today was my DAY OF REST!  :)


Anonymous said...

Go Trevor! Great action shots!

Julie S.

Alaina said...

Oh Trevor! I miss that kiddo. Give him a big squeeze from me!! And I agree with Julie...great action shots. He looks like a great soccer player.