Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bowling Party

Friday afternoon Addison and Tyler and I headed down to Fredericksburg to a bowling birthday party for our sweet little friend Paige who turned 5!

Luckily, they had the bumbers up AND the special ramps you see below so the kids just rolled their bowling balls down the lane and watched their ball actually make it to the pins!

Addison was a natural!

 Booty shakin' victory dance and all...

She was rockin' those bowling shoes...

Down the ramp!

Since this isn't a video, let me help you out here... "Oh yeah... Oh yeah... Uh huh..."
Would you believe she actually got a SPARE!

Following very closely in his sister's (Addison) footsteps, the very sly and sneaky photo stealing Tyler... I was trying to take a picture of Addison bowling, but he stepped in at the last second and stole the show with a "CHHEEEEEEEEESE!"

Tyler even got in on the action.. he would count "Un, Two... Eeeeee" and shove the ball down the ramp, raise his arm up high in the air and scream "GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

More victory dancing!

More "Uh huh.. Oh yeahs!"

And look, she's so confident, she doesn't even need to watch to know that she will knock over at least one!  Ha ha!

"We're pretty awesome huh?"
"Yeah... we are."
"I know."
Thanks Paige for inviting us to your super fun bowling party! We had a blast! Happy Birthday!

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