Sunday, May 1, 2011

What A Week!

We are currently 2 hours from home, cruising in the big RV.... and I'm typing up a blog post on my laptop as we head down the interstate... technology is amazing to me!

I know I haven't been the best at updating the blog with the goings on this week, but we have been enjoying some R&R... and my camera batteries all died (and left the chargers in VA... i know, i know)

The most exciting part of our week is when McKenzie and I went out for one last jet ski ride Friday morning.... which ended in a little citation... I guess you have to be 14 to operate a jet ski on your owon... oops! 
She looks far from upset in this picture, but when we were talking to the officer, she was every shade of red and a nervous wreck!  But he did mention that she was a very good driver for it only being her first time driving a jet ski.. at 13!

Our last night in Florida, Nick and I snuck away to Destin to go out to eat at a seafood place called The Crazy Lobster... right on the water with a live band playing too!

We got to take his sister's Corvette:
(sorry, it won't let me rotate the photos)

 (photos taken by Nick's iPhone)
They brought our waters and drinks out in what we thought looked like kiddie cups... I got a quava mojito (YUM!) and Nick got a Mai Tai.. but they had a new bartender and they didn't make it right, so they brought him more pineapple juice in one cup.... and a whole extra Mai Tai... so it looked like we were having a drinking contest or something... so we just went with it...

Now that we have left, I'm sure Jan is happy that she won't have to look out her windows/doors anymore with all the fingerprints and face marks from all of these moments:
photo courtesy of McKenzie

Thanks Jan for letting us invade your home for the week! We really enjoyed our time there!  I'm sure the kids will be begging us for a pool now every day this summer! Come up and see us soon!!!


Jan said...

glad you all had a good time!

LadnersLatest said...

Glad you guys had a date night...and thanks Jan for letting the Ladner's invade your house too! :)