Thursday, June 16, 2011

Best Food in NYC

After our day in Manhatten, we went back to our hotel for a lovely afternoon nap, then got dressed up to go eat at Vivolos!

Meridith and I had a competition to see who could hail a taxi first.... I won.

The food was so amazing LOOKING as well as DELICIOUS... we HAD to take pictures of each of our plates:

 Meridith ordered the Shrimp Fettuccine

Mom ordered the Filet of Salmon

I ordered the Mushroom Risotto.... everyone's favorite.

And Angie ordered the Sea Scallops.. YUM!
 The service was amazing, and the food was the best we've ever had! We were treated like Queens, and then recommended we try their champaigne... this was after we had been drinking wine... and of course, we ordered dessert!

We were so full from such amazing entrees, but with the entrees as good as they were, we would have been fools NOT to try their desserts.... so we split two!


Chocolate Cake with chocolate ginache and ice cream.

We left that place smiling... and full! Next time you are in NYC... You must not leave without eating there! Seriously!

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melismama said...

OH we will have to try it. We live just outside of NYC and always looking for great new restaurants to try...I am going in for a show in a week and 1/2 and might just look it up! Thanks for the review!