Sunday, June 5, 2011

End of Day 2 in NYC - Empire State Building

After our adventure at the wax museum, we walked toward the Empire State Building (which is open until 2am, and we were told that seeing the city from up there is best at night!)....

But before we began our evening tour, we stopped in at another Irish Pub for some late dinner...

There, we were surrounded by many handsome Marines in uniform, as it was fleet week. One of them came up to our table and told each one of us we were beautiful.  Now, whether he was sober or not, should not matter, it was both flattering AND entertaining.

Our delicious food... 
okay MY food was delicious, Mom and Meridith's caesar salad didn't really taste caesar-like, but it was a good time!

We made it to the Empire State Building around 11pm, and made our way up up and UP!

We were on the 86th floor... and this is looking up to the 102nd floor... which is an option we opted out of... 86 was HIGH ENOUGH!!!

I never thought I had a fear of heights... too bad anyways... but when I looked out over the edge and looked down, the immediate weakening in my legs and tingling feeling I felt throughout my body helped me to determine I was not very comfortable being up that high!

Here are a couple quick videos to help give you an idea of what the view was like...


Day 3 coming soon!

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