Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 2- Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

 Our evening started out with a much anticipated visit to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum...
Meridith & Whoopi Goldberg

Me & George Clooney having a 'moment'...

Oprah & Mom

Robert Pattinson & Meridith 

Barbara Walters making me cry...

Angie asking Samuel L. Jackson about an exhibit in the MOMA (because we really saw him there earlier that day)

Mom &  Meryl Streep

Hanging out with the Osbornes...

Kim & Kim

Mom with Bette Midler & Harrison Ford

How about a Bond Girl....

or two...

Me & John Travolta

John Travolta & Mom

"All the single ladies... all the single ladies..."
Beyonce Knowles

Look what we found on the beach... 

This was the most painful picture ever.. for several reasons...

 This is the self portrait of the one and only Madame Tussaud.

Billy Graham

The Clintons.

The Kennedy's

George W Bush

We posed with "Uncle Frank"... FDR... in case you didn't know, we are distantly related to him.

And speaking of relatives...  we also 'ran into' our "Auntie Diana"... Princess Diana.... who is also a distant family relative!

Maya Angelo

Your three most favorite trumpet players!

A quick picture from the oval office...

Another close call from a NYC skyscraper

And, believe it or not, these are probably your SAFEST taxi drivers in NYC!!!

Live with Sharon & Kelly

Angie telling Donald Trump, "You're Fired!!"

 Johnny Cash

Watch our for that left hook, Ali!

Elton John

Kim Turner & Tina Turner

The early Madonna

Paul Newman

The original Spice Girls


Brittney Spears with her backup dancers...

I had to take a picture of Iron Man for Addison... she loves him!

The Hulk...

The wax museum was one of our favorite stops by far during our trip!  We had so much fun!!!!

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