Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Week on Turner Mountain

 Grandma Turner was prepared for the kids in this heat! She had a pool, a slip n' slide, trikes, and more! There was no reason for the kids to be bored while at Grandma and Grandpa's!
 It was so hot, the kids were going through the Gatorade as fast as the guys working on the helicopter!

 It didn't take long for Tyler to figure out the big boy trike!
 He was cruising through the grass AND gravel with ease! His poor feet couldn't reach the pedals but he figured out how to move "Flintstone" style!
Nick and his brothers and a few other wonderful gentlemen gathered this week to work on Nick's Dad's helicopter!  It hadn't flown in a couple years and they wanted to get it back to flying mode so they can sell it. 

 Larry made an excellent supervisor!

You can't beat the view from Turner Mountain!

And a trip to Turner Mountain isn't complete without a ride on "Penelope" with Daddy!
After a few days of fixing up the helicopter, she was ready for a test flight!
 We watched the guys put the blades on...
 One by one...

Nick and Larry climbed up in the cockpit for one last ride....
 Up she goes!

 Successful week!


jill hoover said...

rode in that helicopter to a flight breakfast after senior prom...high school highlight for sure!

LadnersLatest said...

nice helo!