Monday, August 1, 2011

Lovin' Life

Here are some random photos from our week!
My dad and Tyler
 Me and my baby on a boat ride.
 The kids watching a movie on our iPad.

 Most nights you could find us playing a very competitive game of Phase 10 in my cabin!
Fun for all ages!
And you could usually find the kids looking for treasures or creatures along the water!
 They found a toad and made a very impressive habitat for him!
 "Hey MOM! Look at what we found!"

We have an annual Iowa Pork Chop night, a Fish Fry night (both with delicious sweet corn) and usually a big breakfast sometime during the week!

My brother grilled some amazing bacon wrapped asparagus! 
 Waiting for the food to be done!
 My sister Meridith and my Grandpa!

We tried to sneak up on the ducks on the shore... but they saw us coming and took off!

 Nick was able to join us in the middle of the week! Here he is showing off our big catch from Windigo Lake!
 We also have an annual scavenger hunt for all the kids..... getting the rules....

 Tyler and Daddy watching the kids run around on their scavenger hunts!
 The grand prize for all who finished... ice cream cones from the lodge!
 The end of the week came too soon... loading up the boats.
 Waiting for Grandpa Bob to drive his boat up to the loading dock...

Good bye Cass Lake... until next year.

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LadnersLatest said...

I enjoyed catching up on your blog rally! :) Miss you guys!