Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A lot of updates for one little blog...

After taking the two little ones on a long day of running errands which included a Lowe's stop, and furniture hunting (Nick needed a new recliner) we finally got back home early evening with a successful day behind us.

I got some flowers to update my flower beds, so the kids played on the blanket while I planted.
Nick and I found some vinyl tiles to put in the kitchen temporarily. We've decided to wait to remodel the kitchen until we return BACK to Hawaii on our second tour. If we are going to update the kitchen, we are going to wait until we come back so WE can enjoy it and not let it get damaged by any renters. So, we took a few hours after the kids went to bed and stuck these babies down. Even though they are vinyl, they sure look like the real thing! And I LOVE THEM! It really looks nice...just wait until I paint the cabinets and get a new counter top and sink!
Tonight before we went to bed, we moved ALL of McKenzie's room into Trevor's room...and then pulled up all the damaged tile in her room that had curled up so that we can replace it with something comparable and then cover it with the wood flooring.
Nick is reclaiming her room as is office. McKenzie gets the 'spare' bedroom with attached bathroom. Lucky little girl!

Ugh, all the prep work is killing me, I just want to get my flooring back!!! Just ask Nick, my impatience is getting to him!

Addison went for her 6 month checkup, even though she is nearing the 7 month mark. (we got pushed back a bit from being on vacation)
She is just over 18 pounds, and running just above average on height and weight on the scales! She even slept through her 4 shots!!!
The doctor had no complaints, other than her not sleeping through the night yet... which tonight I made myself lie her down and cry it out. After about 40 minutes of fussing off and on, she finally gave in. We'll see what happens tomorrow night!

With a 4 day weekend up ahead, we have big plans! Stay tuned for those updates!

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