Tuesday, July 29, 2008

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for the kids! McKenzie started 5th grade (gulp!) today. She was up early getting ready, straightening her hair, getting her bag together. She was so excited to go back and see her friends after being away from them over the summer.

The school had an open house last night so we were able to meet her new teacher, who is super nice, and see her classroom, which is just down the hall from her classroom last year.

And just like my mother did, I had to take "first day of school pictures" in front of the door before she left on the bus. She was actually very compliant! We'll see how much longer that lasts!
Like most adults and their coffee, the same applies to Trevor and his orange juice. "Don't talk to me!" I had to go wake him up this morning to get ready for his first day of pre-school! I tried to talk to him about what his day would be like and asked him if he was excited. His response was:
"Mommy...I don't want to be happy right now."

So here he is post orange juice, all ready to go to school!

Nick did not have to go in to work until 10:00, so he was able to ride along with us to drop Trevor off at school. When we got there, he walked right up to one of the teachers and said, "My name is Trevor Nicholas Turner, and I'm growing tall just like my daddy!"
I could see PRIDE just gushing out of Nick.
The teacher introduced Trevor to his new teacher, Miss Stacey, and showed us the sign in sheet, etc...
Trevor spotted his friend Hudson and from that moment on, we did not exist. As much as I wanted to give him a big hug and wish him well on his first day of school, I didn't want to trigger anything, so Nick and I (and Addison) snuck out quietly, peeking in the windows as we walked away listening to them sing the "Good Morning Song".
Upon returning home, we noticed branches falling out of the sky in our neighborhood. Taking a closer look, we saw it was a man up in a very tall, and VERY SKINNY tree, trimming the branches, and eventually cutting it down.
He just hiked up the tree and snapped off each little branch and we watched them drift down to the ground.
As you look at the picture, you may be thinking, eh, so what, a man in a tree...but as you look at the pictures below, you will see just how high UP he is in that skinny little tree.

Off comes the top!
Then he continued to cut off little sections and drop them 'gently' down to the ground. Nick mentioned a couple times as we stood in our yard watching this crazy guy:
"It takes some big "round objects" to do that!"
So, that was our morning! Oh! I forgot to mention that Addison was up frequently during the night and that I finally gave up getting her back to sleep around 4:30 am so she and I came downstairs and played. So, that is actually how MY day started...

I am looking forward to a couple hours with just one child here, who at this moment is back in her crib taking a MUCH NEEDED nap! But can't wait to go pick up Trevor and hear how his first day of school was!

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Jan said...

Well well what a day in the Turner household in Hawaii! Kenzie looked so grown up and it sounds as if Trevor is just going to do wonderfully in school...and what a little man he is! I can just see that grin on Nick's face too! I wish I had been a fly on the wall!! How many days will Trevor go to preschool?