Thursday, July 17, 2008

Playgroup Roll Call...

This morning Addison hosted playgroup. It was her best one yet! She is finally getting social and interacting with others...and not just Mommy! It's been a month or two since we were all together last. Many of us have been out of town at different times, so we were all excited to get them all together again.

In attendance today:

Miss AddiLittle Richie
Mr. CalvinMr. Wyatt
The kids had a great time, they are all very active and crawling, grabbing, blabbering...

Wyatt had his binky in his mouth and it reminded me of THE JOKER
So I remember when we first thought it was hard to get a group picture because they were so little, and it was hard to get them all awake, or not it's hard to get them all to SIT STILL!!!
I can just hear Addison: "Hey guys....guys.....come on...we are trying to take a picture here. Leave him alone, hey...seriously, come on!"
"Listen, I'm sorry mommy, I tried, they just won't listen to me! I give up!"
(boys laughing)
They are a ton of fun when we get them all together. But boy is it exhausting!

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Jan said...

that is toooo funny Kim!