Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Tuberose Collection

My mom sent me "Velvet Tuberose" body wash from Bath & Body Works a while back and I love love loved it! Since receiving it, I have been on a mission to grow my own tuberoses!!!

A few weeks ago when we returned back from our trip to Iowa, I was looking through the Garden Shop at the Navy Exchange, and happened to come across a potted tuberose. It just looked like decorative grass, so no flowers had started to sprout yet.

I snatched it up and decided to give it a try....most of you probably know that I don't have the greenest of thumbs. I was actually relieved that it was in a pot and had started growing already and that I wouldn't have to start from a bulb!

And...just yesterday, the kids and I stopped in to the Flower Shop on the marine base and happened to find one more potted tuberose....so I snatched that one too. I even got 50% off since it was not the healthiest looking!

So, without further ado, I present to you my tuberoses, which are doing great! The one I planted a couple weeks ago should flower any day now. It grown up quit a bit, and I sometimes worry the wind will break it over....so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I put it right by the front windows so that the breeze will bring in it's fabulous scent!

This one I just got in the ground today...This is how the first one started out as well:

And speaking of living things, especially plants, my friend Alaina went back to see her family a few weeks ago, and is due back in tomorrow night, but she left me her herbs to keep alive while she was gone! I didn't promise her anything, but take a look:
(Alaina, aren't you proud of me?!)
And, just for the record, I have successfully kept her little doggie, Chiquita, alive and well too! Whoot! Whoot!

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Ladners'Latest said...

WOW! My herbs look GREAT. (They look better than they did at my house) Great Job Kim!

Sorry Drew hasn't picked Chiquita up yet. But as you know he has no car keys...oops, so if you want you can drop her off anytime or I'll get here on my way in tomorrow night. We land at 8:15.